FIFA 18 World Cup 2018: how to earn coins and players quickly

FIFA 18 received an update with content from the 2018 World Cup on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Switch, and among the new features is a modified version of Ultimate Team mode. Although there is no market for buying and selling cards, it is still possible to purchase packs and coins in a variety of ways, which help to improve your team. Check out the guide with tips to evolve faster in mode.

FIFA 18: check out tips to do well in World Cup mode

Get to the second round of the FIFA World Cup 18 to receive bonus coins and packs

Get to the second round of the World Cup

In addition to standard coin bonuses, a qualifying for the second round of the World Cup will also earn you an additional prize in coins and packs. This is a good incentive not to give up competitions.

Complete the DMEs of Confederations

Needing coins to open more packages in World Cup mode? In the Arcade Mounting Challenges area, it is possible to complete the tasks of Confederations. Simply deliver teams of players from a certain continent to receive packages of up to 12 thousand coins. Use your low level athletes to end these challenges.

Exchange players for coin bundles at the FIFA World Cup 18

Do not Quit Matches

Are you taking a thrashing of those and see no more chances to turn the game? As humiliating as the situation may seem, do not give up on the game. At the end of each of the World Cup mode games, in addition to the coins, you also receive a package with a player who has a good chance of being of high quality.

Play matches to the end to receive a package at the FIFA World Cup 18

Enjoy the free packages

In World Cup mode, whenever you buy a pack of cards from the store, you will receive another pack for the traditional Ultimate Team mode. If you are not interested in the cards, sell them all on the FUT market to get additional coins.

Each package purchased will earn you a token in the traditional FUT at the FIFA World Cup 18

Try the FUT Draft

In Draft mode, players must mount teams with random players given by the game and face a series of four games. Both online and offline, prizes are good in case of victory, especially considering that with 15 thousand coins you can buy only two packages.

Win the FUT Draft at Fifa 18 to receive great prizes

Start with offline tournaments

All modes of the Ultimate World Cup team offer online and offline options. Do not feel prepared to face more experienced players in multiplayer modes? All solo versions of the championships also have good prizes in packs and coins, in addition to having adjustable difficulty.

Offline tournaments are easy and guarantee many coins at the FIFA World Cup 18

Use duplicates to earn packages

Did you take a repeated letter from one of the World Cup stars? Unlike the standard Ultimate Team, here you can save copies of non-negotiable cards so that they can be used in DMEs later. It's a good idea to store cards at higher levels, as they may be required in future challenges to get high-quality icons or players.

Duplicate cards are valuable for exchanges in special DMEs

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