FIFA 19: check out tips for playing Ultimate Team mode

FIFA 19, already available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3, has Ultimate Team mode as the flagship car, in which players can assemble powerful teams using some of the greatest footballers present and past. Although fun and engaging, the mode can be a bit intimidating for beginners thanks to the huge variety of activities. He has prepared a guide with tips to start well in the game.

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Enthronement matters

In Ultimate Team, when it comes to setting up your team, it is important to have players connect to each other to improve their performance on the field. This year it is possible to check the attributes that your players win and lose for the simple fact of playing alongside other athletes of the same league / nationality, or in teams without any chemistry.

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If you do not know where to start, search for players from the same country, team or league. They will create yellow or green lines with each other. A good idea is also to consult different tactics, which can create new types of links.

FIFA 19: check out tips for playing Ultimate Team mode

Play weekly events

Squad Battles and Division Rivals are the two main modes of the Ultimate Team in FIFA 19, and are a real full plate for the players of the game. In them it is possible to play with your team either online or offline and still receive excellent prizes at the end of each weekly round.

To get the most out of each competition, you need to play games on a daily basis to keep your score compatible with your goal. It is possible to win coin bundles, players and even qualifying for the desired Weekend League.

Play Weekly FIFA 19 modes

Search before buying and selling players

When reinforcing your team with new cards or selling players, do not forget to do a deep search in the market to find out the exact value of it. This way you will be able to save coins in the purchases, profit more in the sale and still streamline the process a lot and decrease your risk.

Search the market before spending coins in FIFA 19

Invest in DMEs

Cast Mounting Challenges can be made on the Ultimate Team by trading a specific list of cards for special prizes, such as unique packs and memorial cards. These are excellent opportunities to greatly improve your team by spending fewer coins.

Invest in FIFA DME coins 19

Keep an eye on the market

Like any active market, the FIFA 19 auction house has important variations in its prices and demand for cards. Players within these variations can make a lot of money by buying and reselling players at the right times. Note that in general cards with higher and rarer levels are the most valuable.

Keep an eye on the variations of the FIFA 19 market

Create custom tactics

One of the new features of FIFA 19 is the possibility to create multiple independent strategies that can be used during matches without even having to pause the game. Before you play, be sure to set up your tactics for your game style so that your team behaves more properly in attack and defense situations.

See the guide on how to use the system of dynamic tactics

Create custom tactics for your teams in FIFA 19

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