FIFA 19: check out tips to win your matches in Squad Battles

FIFA 19 and Ultimate Team rely on Squad Battles mode, where players have four daily matches against community teams to earn points and receive weekly prizes. Matches against the CPU are usually tough, but there are a few tips that can give you a head start. Check out the guide to do well at Squad Battles.

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Calibrated kicks

Scoring goals in the hassles of Squad Battles can be a nightmare for less skilled players. Fortunately, there is a little trick that helps a lot in that, ensuring more precision for long distance kicks.

FIFA 19: check out tips to win your matches in Squad Battles

Just work the ball in front of the area until you open up space and use the new FIFA 19 Calibrated Finish while holding down the kick button placed (R1 / RB). If you hit the green marker, the hits will be virtually indefensible even for the best goalkeepers.

Isolate your opponents

Defense is also a tough job on the most difficult levels of Squad Battles. An effective way to block opponents' attacks is to try to contain the maximum of the game in the center, and force them to play at one of the corners of the field. To do this move your socks, steering wheels and sides so they block horizontal or diagonal passes. Then just take advantage of the reduced area of ​​action and steal the ball, always being careful of crosses.

Isolate your opponents on the sides of the FIFA 19 field.

Substitutions at the right time

In FIFA 19 their athletes tire more easily than in previous games, causing them to lose much of their performance and speed. Always make substitutions between the 60 and 70 minute marks to take advantage of the breath of new players and avoid silly goals.

Spare your players with substitutions in the second half

Check the status of the opposing team

Like their team, opponents' teams also suffer from lack of player interaction, which lose many of their attributes in such cases. Before entering a match, check which of the opponents do not have day-to-day skills, and break out to take advantage of their weaknesses.

Keep an eye on the attributes of your Squad Battles rivals in FIFA 19

Toggle difficulty

Playing in the higher difficulty earns many more points in Squad Battles, but this is not always the best choice, since defeat can ruin your plans. If you find it difficult to win by good scorers, go down one difficulty level in the next match. Easier to play, you'll score more goals and get quite similar scores.

Learn how to increase your score

Not only victories or defeats count at the time of your score in the matches of Squad Battles. Hitting too many kicks on the target, keeping possession of the ball and avoiding opponents' attacks also make a lot of difference, and can earn a lot of extra points. In easier matches, try your best to improve your performance to make more profit.

Increase your score with many kicks and goalkeeping in FIFA 19

Beware of the final minutes

The final minutes of a match are crucial to your final result in FIFA 19, and it's important that you pay close attention to the moves so you will not be surprised by an opponent's goal. Clues and intersections are often very dangerous, as are rapid counterattacks. On the other hand, this is a good time to send your team to the attack to try a saving goal.

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