FIFA 19: how to download the game demo on PS4, Xbox One and PC

FIFA 19 won on Thursday (13) its demo version, released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC (via Origin). In addition to Champions League themed friendly with ten playable teams, players can still experience the third season of The Journey mode, which has Alex Hunter and two other virtual stars as protagonists. Check out the guide on how to download.

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Among the teams present in the demo are Juventus, Real Madrid, PSG, Atletico Madrid, Roma, Machester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. FIFA 19 will be released next September 28 for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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FIFA 19: how to download the game demo

Playstation 4

Step 1. Access the PlayStation Store on the menu of your PS4 and press Triangle to access the search tool. Enter FIFA 19 and select the standard (default) version of the game with X;

Search for FIFA 19 in the PlayStation 4 store

Step 2. Navigate by pressing the directional key down until you find the "Demos" tab. Click X on the demo version of FIFA 19 to continue;

In the default version of FIFA 19, navigate through the options below to find the demo

Step 3. On the demo page on PSN, click X on the Free Demo button to start downloading to your PS4. Once completed, the game can be run from the console's main menu.

Click the Demo Free button to start downloading FIFA 19 on your PS4

Xbox one

Step 1. From the main menu of your Xbox One, go to the Shop tab (on the far right) and click on "Search";

Go to the Xbox One Store and go to the search tool

Step 2. Enter FIFA 19 in the search bar and click on the game as soon as it appears in the results list at the top of the screen (see photo);

Search for FIFA 19 and choose the demo version of the game in the above results

Step 3. Click the green Acquire button to start downloading the FIFA 19 demo for your Xbox One;

Click the green button to purchase to download the demo of FIFA 19

PC (Origin)

Step 1. On the Origin platform start screen, use the search bar to search for FIFA 19 Demo, and click on the game to proceed;

Search for FIFA 19 at EA Origin home

Step 2. On the demo page, click on "Early Test" to try out the test version of the game on your computer;

On the game page, click on the Early Test button to access the demo

Step 3. After logging in with your Origin account, click "Add to Game Library" to save the FIFA 19 demo to your list, then start downloading. The title will be installed automatically after the download.

Add the FIFA 19 demo to your game library to start the free download

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