FIFA 19: how to use the new system Dynamic Tactics of the game

FIFA 19, the new EA Sports game for Xbox One, PS4, PC (via Origin), Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3, has received the new Dynamic Tactics system, which allows players to configure a total of five different formations, which can be used on the same team and quickly switched during matches without the need to pause the game. Still have not tried the tool? Check out the full guide on how to edit and use the game feature.

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Step 1. At your team's Ultimate Team screen, press Triangle / Y and select the Custom Tactic option;

FIFA 19: how to use the new Dynamic Tactics system

Step 2. If you are playing another FIFA 19 mode, go to the team editing screen and choose the Tactics tab;

In modes outside the Ultimate Team, go to the FIFA 19 team edition screen

Step 3. In this screen, you can freely edit the standard game style of your team by moving the bars. It is possible to adjust the positioning and behavior of the defense, offensive game style and the team compaction;

Adjust your team's style of play using the bars in FIFA 19

Step 4. The big news is the "Edit Game Plans" option, positioned at the top of the screen. Press L2 / LT to access it;

Select Edit Game Plans to create new training in FIFA 19

Step 5. Here you can choose ultra-defensive, defensive, offensive and ultra-offensive configurations, which can be customized individually. Click X / A on one of them;

Choose which game plan you want to change in FIFA 19

Step 5. In each of the additional settings, you can select a new formation for your team, which will change the positioning of the athletes in the field. Press Triangle / Y to switch position players;

Choose a new training for your FIFA team 19

Step 6. Under "Instructions", choose individual characteristics for each of the 11 players on the field, as if he defaults to attack, stay in defense, hold position or attempt infiltration races;

Set up individual instructions for your players in FIFA 19

Step 7. During the matches, your team will start with the default game style (the one you set up first), but you can completely change the team mentality using the digital directional (control set), which will change between your tactics.

This is a great way to create very defensive and offensive plans that can be useful in key moments of the game, such as when you need to relock to hold the score or start up to score goals.

Use the digital directional to change between the tactics during the births of the Ultimate Team

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