FIFA 19: see tips to hit fouls and penalties in the game

FIFA 19 arrived on September 28 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3. Penalty and penalty kicks are one of the most effective ways to score goals in the game, but require players' knowledge and accuracy at the time of the hit. Looking for tips to improve your performance? Check out our guide:

FIFA 19: meet the 'secret' commands of the game

Get accustomed to hit penalties without aiming

Although they have the option of a guide arrow, which shows the direction, strength and height of their penalty kicks, the ideal is to get used to hitting penalties without the aid of this indicator. Competitive modes like the FUT Champions do not have this function, and can complicate the lives of those who have not adapted to the beats without the guide.

FIFA 19: see tips to hit fouls and penalties in the game

Press the D-pad up to turn off the indicator. To hit the corners, move the left analog stick all the way up, and then rotate it slightly clockwise or anticlockwise to position your kicks.

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Put curves on your charges

Curb foul charges are much more dangerous and difficult to defend. As your player runs to the ball, move the right analogue to one of the top diagonals to create a kicking effect. Remember that the amount of curve depends on the attributes of your batter, so keep an eye.

Put curves on your FIFA 19 fouls

Watch out for passing opportunities

Direct kicks to the goal are not always the best way to score, even at the front. Observe the positioning of your other players, and look for free spaces where you can pass the ball to them and leave them in a good position to score.

A good tip is to look for quick first finals as soon as the ball touches your player's foot. To do this, prioritize attackers or socks with a good kick, as defenders or less technical players tend to miss the target with ease.

Stay tuned for possible FIFA 19 fouls

Use Requested Charges

Another interesting tool to create dangerous moves is the rehearsed foul charges, where you can draw up to two additional players for the ball by pressing L2 / LT and R1 / RB. To kick with the alternate players, simply hold the button for them and carry a kick normally.

Use FIFA 19 rehearsal charges

Ground balls are an option

Did you see a corner of the goal discovered by the barrier or goalkeeper? In FIFA 19 the charges of low and strong fouls are much more precise, and constantly result in easy goals after a bobaada of the adversary. Just aim at the open corner, hold the L1 / LB and carry a very strong kick.

Watch open corners to hit balls in FIFA 19

Meet your beaters

As with various FIFA 19 attributes, such as speed and finalization, foul and penalty kicks are also affected by the abilities of their individual players. In modes like Ultimate Team and Seasons, get to know the team you play and set up the best scouts for each type of charge.

Know the attributes of your batters in FIFA 19

Use the training mode to develop

Fouls near the area are not exactly constant in FIFA 19, so the opportunities to train them are also slim. To solve this problem and always be sharp when you have an opportunity, access the training of the game, where it is possible to collect free throws from various positions, as well as penalty kicks.

Use training to practice fouls in FIFA 19