FIFA Mobile: Check out tips for playing the 2019 season of the game

FIFA Mobile has received its update for the 2019 season, which has brought many new features and the traditional Ultimate Team mode, where players can assemble teams using world football stars. Starting now your career in the game for Android and IOS, and need a little stress to do well? Check out our tips for making it beautiful.

FIFA Mobile: new season arrives for Android and iOS

Organize your team

As you unlock new players, upgrade your team to make it more powerful by clicking on the "Greater Ger" button, which will select the cards with the best levels. Drag athletes to change positions and optimize their attack and defense with cards dedicated to those positions. Quality goalkeepers are also essential, as they will be responsible for stopping their opponents.

FIFA Mobile: Check out tips for playing the 2019 season of the game

Perform daily missions

Like many online games, FIFA Mobile has a daily mission system that is updated with very simple tasks that yield packages with coins, jewelry, leagues points and even players. Click "Go" on the missions to go to the screen and fulfill them.

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Complete daily assignments to receive packs in FIFA Mobile

Participate in special events

Special events are a great way to boost your team in FIFA Mobile. Visit the events screen and participate in the various activities, which are updated frequently. Some of the matches have tight deadlines, so try to enjoy the events to the fullest to make a profit.

Events are a good alternative to winning cards and packages in FIFA Mobile

Use Ability Boosters to improve your team

Ability Picks are FIFA Mobile consumables that guarantee bonuses for the attributes of your players. The cards are ideal for improving your team's performance progressively, and should not be ignored before important matches. Just click on "Impulses Hab." on your team's screen to check the list.

Use skill impulses to improve your team in FIFA Mobile

Collect login rewards

In order to receive many items for free? Just remember to join FIFA Mobile every day, at least once. This way you will win great prizes such as coins, XP bonuses and the desired Elite players.

Collect your rewards for signing in to FIFA Mobile

Capriche in the force of the kicks

In FIFA Mobile's main game mode, kicks are the most important part of winning games. Despite the simplicity of the command (just slide your finger towards the goal), it is important that you understand the mechanics to maximize your opportunities and get ahead.

Wait until you have passed all the defenders, and then move your finger quickly to the opposing corners of the goalie. The faster the movement, the stronger the shot. You can also kick a curve by making slight detours on the route.

Use strong kicks to score more easily in FIFA Mobile

Control your players manually

FIFA Mobile offers the possibility that its players are controlled automatically by the CPU, only having to pass the ball and finish. Although useful, the option is not suitable for more experienced players, who must use directional to move their athletes and create clearer opportunities.

Use the directional to move your players manually in FIFA Mobile