FIFA18: check out tips to score and defend better in the game

FIFA 18 is a game of EA Sports for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Switch, having mobile versions for Android and iOS. In it, one of the main fundamentals for winning matches is a good defense. With several techniques and options to arm booms, it is also possible to use customized tactics, alternative formations. Having trouble defending yourself in the game? Check out tips to score better in FIFA 18.

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Choose safe training

Attacking may seem like the main weapon to win, but solid defense is as important as an efficient attack. Even with so many extremely offensive training options, it's a good idea to opt for more conservative tactics, with ruffles and socks that provide protection.

FIFA 18: Check out tips to score and defend better in the game

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Use CPU Help

Not all responsibility is on your shoulders when defending yourself on a counterattack. Instead of simply holding A / X to encircle the player or try to chase it manually, you can switch the cursor to someone who is retreated and let the CPU perform the task while you cover that athlete's pass options.

Another good alternative is to hold the RB / R1 button to call for help from a second defender. It is important to take care not to leave too large a space in the defense while using this tactic, which must be triggered with responsibility.

Use CPU help to dial in FIFA 18

Prevent your defenders from risking attack

Tired of scoring goals after counterattacks, where their sides and fliers abandoned their positions to go on the attack? It is possible to work around this problem with custom instructions for athletes. Just mark "Stay behind during attack" for each of the players you want to keep position even during offensive moves.

Prevent your defenders from leaving their positions in FIFA 18

Get to know your defenders well

For good performance, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your cast. For quarterbacks and sides this is crucial, since a positioning failure can yield a goal to the opponent. Study your players' numbers calmly and try to make them complement one another's weaknesses to create a more versatile team.

Get to know your defenses in FIFA 18

Arm a boom

Final minutes and all you need is not to take another goal? Using digital directional, it is possible to change the mentality of your team, from very offensive to completely retracted. This will make your players stand back and forth from the attack to avoid counterattacks and empty spaces.

Build a boom in FIFA 18

Create custom tactics

Custom tactics are one of the most interesting ways to adjust the positioning of your team on the field. If you are suffering from an unobtrusive or heavily spaced defense, change the numbers to make your quarterbacks work the right way for your playing style.

Create defensive tactics in FIFA 18

Do not forget the carts

Considered by many to be a very risky and situational move, the carts are actually a very reasonable alternative in FIFA 18, provided they are used correctly. Well applied front and side trolleys often disarm the opponent easily, without even committing fouls. Already boats behind can yield red cards and foul fouls to opponents - or even penalties.

Use trolleys in FIFA 18

Learn from Skill Challenges

One of the options to learn more about FIFA's defensive fundamentals is the Skill Challenges mode. In it, you can find several different scenarios, which require you to use the techniques of the game to disarm opponents or avoid goals.

If you are suffering many goals, try the modality and invest a few minutes in the different activities to master commands, time and execution of the movements. This will help a lot during your games.

Learn from FIFA's 18 skill challenges

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