Find the notebook that suits you

Each notebook has its own personality. Some of them stand out by performance. Others, by battery economy. Some are light, others have larger screens. Some have a more sober design, others bet on aesthetics.

In the same way, every notebook user has a personality of their own, a specific way of doing things. The goals also vary - there are those who use the machine for high-performance games, there are those who need to perform constant videoconferences. Know now four user profiles, and the best corresponding notebook profile for each of them.

Your usage profile tells you which type of notebook to choose

User of the day to day

Who: The person who makes casual use of the computer. Access social networks, watch series and movies online, eventually do school work or solve some emergency work.

What you need: Convenience, ability to open multiple tabs at the same time.

How the Ideal Notebook Is: Good performance is more important than battery - the computer is used at home and can take longer to power. The audio quality and screen resolution is important, as is the low weight and the ability to turn on quickly.

What is the best processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 solves all this user's demands. It has the ability to process, with agility, all the applications and software most important for this user. It is efficient and offers a great value for money.

What operating system features are most useful: Windows 10 offers Cortana, the smart smart assistant for playing music and creating reminders and events. Also noteworthy are the entertainment applications and the security system, ideal for those who use the internet a lot.

Understand the differences between Intel® Core ™ i3, i5, i7 and i9.

Content Creator

Who is: Professional dedicated to creating content, text, audio or video. They are music producers, video editors, youtubers, bloggers.

What you need: Processing capacity and audio and video quality.

As it is the ideal notebook: The machines need to be powerful, with high graphics performance and RAM capable of handling multitasking activities and opening of heavy files.

What is the best processor: The Core ™ i5 can meet some of this audience's needs, but the most demanding demand combines with more powerful processors, such as Core ™ i7. The new Intel® Optane ™ system acceleration solution is also especially useful for this audience.

What operating system features are most useful: With the Windows Photos app, you edit photos and videos with ease and create three-dimensional models with Paint 3D. In addition, to keep track of editing programs, Office 365 allows you to generate high-quality texts, spreadsheets, and presentations.


Who is: User who plays many hours a day, online. And we're not talking about smartphone games online.

What you need: The best possible performance in every way: memory, processing power to charge phases, high-level internet connection, keyboard and a more sophisticated cooling system.

As it is the ideal notebook: It has dedicated video card, ability to process high level of FPS (frames per second), large screen and high resolution and an advanced design.

What is the best processor: Some Core, Core ™ i7 series, especially K, H and Q, are perfect for the high degree of demand of these users.

What operating system features are most useful: It's very easy to turn the Windows 10 game bar on and off - it also lets you start a game on Xbox and continue on the notebook. In addition, with the Mixer, you watch, interact and influence streamers in real time.


Who is it: Uses the notebook at work, which often requires travel and meetings. What you need: Stability, productivity and battery life

As is the ideal notebook: The keyboard should be wide, the touchpad, easy to use, memory and processor, able to open programs quickly. The connectivity needs to be very good - after all, this professional is often a prosumer, who produces content with the same voracity as it consumes.

What's the Best Processor: Core ™ i5 and Core ™ i7 line processors are great for this audience, especially when they are in the seventh and eighth generations, with the Intel® Optane ™ System Acceleration Solution.

What operating system features are most useful: Data security is critical, and for this Windows 10 has Windows Defender & Bitlocker. The user also has the remote area, which allows access to the computer from anywhere, safely. In addition, experience can get even better with Office 365 Business Premium.