Find out if your smartphone delivers everything it promises

TestM is a free app for Android and iPhone (iOS) that evaluates the performance of any smartphone, delivering a complete diagnosis in up to five minutes. The application takes into consideration items such as screen, sound (speakers, phone receiver, microphone and headphones) and motion sensors (accelerometer and compass). Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phone and GPS), hardware (light sensor, charger, hardware buttons, vibration, proximity, fingerprint) and camera (front, back and flash) .

These features make TestM an ideal app to provide a complete report of the conditions of use of a phone before a purchase or sale. Here's a step-by-step look at how to take advantage of the application's features to test smartphone performance.

The TestM app evaluates 20 different aspects of your smartphone

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Step 1. Download and install TestM on your phone.

Step 2. In the initial screen of the app, choose the option "Complete Test" and the first one will be the one of screen. Tap "Start."

Full "of TestM

Step 3. To evaluate the touch screen, drag your finger across the display. If you finish before, wait for the end of the time count until the completion image appears. Touch "Next test" to continue the analysis.

Drag your finger across the screen to evaluate the Test M evaluate the touchscreen

Step 4. You will be directed to the test of the speakers. Tap start and approach the ears of the sound output of the device to hear the three numbers that will be spoken. Record these numbers.

Get your ear closer to the sound output of the unit to hear the numbers dictated by TestM

Step 5. Enter the numbers you hear on the onscreen keyboard. If any number is entered by mistake, touch "Clear" to enter the data again. Once you finish the sequence, the app will take you to the test completion screen. However, if you do not remember or have not heard correctly, click "Retry." To continue the tests, touch "Next Test".

Enter the numbers heard on the number pad of TestM

Step 6. Tap "Start" to evaluate the microphone. Wait for the app to request the speech, then say "Hello" in an audible tone until the completion message appears.

Step 7. Touch "Next Test". Plug your headphones into the corresponding jack and press "Start". If you do not have the handset, select the "Ignore" option.

Connect the headset to the input to test it in TestM

Step 8. Listen to and memorize the numbers cited, and then type them on the keyboard that appears on the screen.

Enter the numbers heard in TestM on the numeric keypad

Step 9. Touch "Next test". To evaluate the accelerometer, tap "Start".

Step 10. As app-oriented, swing your device up and down, and to one side and the other, until the completion message appears. Proceed to "Next Test".

Swing the phone up and down and to and fro

Step 11. Tap "Start" to test the compass on your phone, then flip it over a surface. Please wait until the alert is complete.

Place your cell phone with the screen down on a surface

Step 12. Touch "Next Test". To start Wi-Fi receiver verification, tap "Start."

Step 13. Wait for TestM to complete the process. On the next screen, click "Next Test" to check Bluetooth operation.

Wait for TestM to complete Wi-Fi verification

Step 14. Before starting the assessment, activate your Bluetooth connection, and then tap "Start." Wait for the completion message to appear.

Activate the Bluetooth connection before taking the test

Step 15. Tap "Next Test" again, this time to review the SIM card entry. For this evaluation it is necessary that there is a chip inserted. Then go to the "Start" option.

You must have a SIM card inserted in your smartphone

Step 16. Wait until the completion message is displayed, and then tap "Next Test" to check the GPS.

Step 17. Tap "Start". Wait for the app to complete the GPS verification process until the completion message appears.

Wait for TestM to complete GPS verification

Step 18. Touch "Next Test" and then "Start" to test the light sensor.

Step 19. Place your hand in front of the sensor until the program displays the option to perform another evaluation. Touch "Next Test" to continue the performance evaluation.

Place your hand in front of the light sensor for a few seconds

Step 20. Plug your smartphone into a charger plugged in, and then tap "Start." Wait a few seconds without removing the charger from the unit until the process is complete.

Connect your smartphone to a charger plugged in

Step 21. Touch "Next Test" to evaluate the hardware buttons, then "Start".

The next step is the evaluation, in TestM, of the hardware buttons

Step 22. Press the Volume Up button and, when TestM prompts, press the Volume Down button.

When TestM prompts, press the volume buttons

Step 23. When the app informs you, press the power button and turn the phone off. If everything happens correctly you will be directed to the completion message. Touch "Next Test".

TestM will also evaluate the operation of the on / off switch

Step 24. Before you begin, make sure your phone's vibrating features are turned on, then tap "Start." Keep in mind: the app will make your smartphone vibrate sometimes. Memorize the number of repetitions.

Be aware of how many times TestM will make the smartphone vibrate

Step 25. On the numeric keypad that appears on the screen, enter the number of times you felt the vibration. Then select the "Next Test" option.

Enter the number of vibrations on the TestM

Step 26. Tap "Start". Move your hand over the display until the completion message appears.

Move your hand closer to the screen for the TestM to evaluate the proximity sensor

Step 27. Touch "Next Test" to check the fingerprint reader. If you have the feature on your phone, go to "Start." If your device does not have the sensor, simply choose "Ignore".

Step 28. To test the biometrics, position your finger on the reader until the process completion message appears on the screen. Then touch "Next Test" to continue the overall evaluation of your cell phone.

Position your finger correctly on the biometric reader

Step 29. Tap "Start", then position yourself facing the front camera of the phone. If the app does not recognize a face, the test will not be considered valid and the user will have to repeat it. Wait until the end of the count.

TestM must recognize a human face to validate the front-end camera test

Step 30. Touch "Next Test" and then "Start" to check the operation of the device's main camera.

Step 31. Again, turn the camera over to you so that TestM checks a face. Then touch "Next Test" to evaluate the last item.

Turn the camera back to your face so that TestM can evaluate

Step 32. Tap "Start, " wait for the flashing light to flash, and count how many times it repeats.

Count the number of times the flash will blink

Step 33. Enter the number of times on the numeric keypad and end the device test by clicking "Finish".

Enter the number of times the flash flashed on the number pad of TestM

Step 34. Scroll the TestM Home screen to the end and select the "Create My TestM Report" option. You can then view the top information about your smartphone.

Once the evaluation process has been completed, access the report

The report will show all test information made.

Check out the TestM evaluation in the report

If one of the tests is not well executed or the app does not recognize the handset or the charger, a message appears on the screen that the evaluation was not successful and can be performed later. There is also the option to save the report as an image in the gallery or send it via email, WhatsApp or Messenger to a buyer interested in your device, so that it is sure of the conditions of the product you want to purchase.

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