Finding medicines on sale with the SulAmérica Saúde app

The SulAmérica Saúde application allows you to find discounted health insurance customers for the iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones. These deals can make all the difference at the end of the month and works for medicines and dermocosmetics, with discounts from all over Brazil.

The information can be searched directly by the app for free and practical, with interface in Portuguese. Check out the step-by-step on how to find out the remedies on offer by cell phone. The tests were done on an iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11 ..

See how to find discounts at the SulAmérica Saúde application

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Step 1. Open the SulAmérica Saúde application, access your account - login is done with client data, with password creation and quick access by CPF - and find the "Discount Medications" button. Then, a screen will open with three options: "Search for Drugs, " "Find Pharmacies, " or "See Extract." In addition, there is a decontometer that shows the total saved by customers who use special promotions at accredited pharmacies.

See how to find discounts at health insurance SulAmérica

Step 2. To "Search for Medication" simply enter the name of the drug. It may be the active formula, such as dipyrone, for example. Then press "Find Drug".

Search for the drug in the SulAmérica Saúde app

Step 3. The result will be shown with all related drugs and the discount percentage highlighted on the right side. There is detailed information such as laboratory and medication weights.

See how much discount you can get on the specific drug

Step 4. Touch the "Locate Pharmacies" button to find an accredited pharmacy. There is option of "Search next to me", which uses the current location via GPS. The application also lets you add an address.

Search for accredited pharmacies to get discounts

Step 5. A map with orange dots will be displayed indicating the accredited pharmacies. By touching one of the points, the user will be able to see more information about the establishment, with address, distance and more contacts.

Find accredited pharmacies near by

Step 6. Finally, you can see how much you've saved. To do this, select the "See Extract" option. Every time the user uses the health plan card to account for discounts, it is possible to access the statement for a period of 30 to 180 days.

See the discount statement for purchased items