Finding members in WhatsApp groups

The WhatsApp application has been updated recently and, in addition to the time and location tabs, has gained a group search tool. The feature can help you quickly find out if a particular friend is participating in the chat. The novelty is useful especially in large groups, which can have up to 256 people.

Check out the next step in how to use the new WhatsApp group member search tool. The procedure was performed on an iPhone (iOS), but the tips are also valid for users of Android phones. You must have version 2.18.30 of the messenger installed on your phone - learn how to update your apps.

Finding members in WhatsApp groups

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Step 1. Open WhatsApp and locate the group in which you want to search members. Open the chat and tap on the name at the top of the screen to access the group's data.

Access group data

Step 2. Now, slide the screen to the "Participants" section and, on the right, tap "Search". On Android, you must tap on the magnifying glass icon. Touch the search field at the top of the screen to perform a search. You can find a person by name or phone number.

Searching for members of a group

Ready! Take advantage of tips to quickly find out if a person is participating in a particular WhatsApp group.

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