Firefox: How to change the color of the browser

Firefox now lets you choose a color to customize the browser interface. The feature does not make parts of the application's default settings. To use it, you need to access the Firefox Test Pilot website, the Mozilla testing program open to all users interested in testing new features. On the site, you can find the exclusive Firefox Color extension for download. It allows users to change colors of icons, toolbar, search bar, and other points in the browser interface.

To learn how to install and use Firefox Color to change the color of the Firefox interface, follow the next step.

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Step 1. Access the following link through Firefox ( and select the "Install Test Pilot & Enable Color" option;

Action to install the Test Pilot extension in Firefox

Step 2. In the window that opens, choose "Add" so that the extension is activated in the browser;

Action to install the Test Pilot extension in Firefox

Step 3. To continue press the "OK" button;

Action after installing the Test Pilot extension in Firefox

Step 4. Tap "Add" to install the "Firefox Color" extension;

Action to add Firefox Color extension in Firefox

Step 4. You will be redirected to the Firefox Color configuration screen. To continue, press the "Next" button until the instructions for use are finished;

Firefox Color tool home screen in Firefox browser

Step 5. At this point, the color setup screen will be displayed. Balloons indicate points in the browser interface that may have their colors changed. Select one of these balloons to see the options;

Action to start color editing in the Firefox interface

Step 6. Use the color tool to determine the tone of an interface element. In this example, we changed the colors of the icons and the toolbar. You can continue to edit colors from other places, such as the search bar, for example;

Color screen for Firefox Color

Step 7. When finished, confirm your changes in "Save" to save the new colors in the Firefox interface.

Action to save new colors chosen for the Firefox interface

Ready. Once this is done, Firefox will always start with the colors you choose in the interface details.

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