Firefox Monitor shows if your password has already leaked on the Internet; know how to use

Firefox Monitor is an online Mozilla tool that checks if your login data and passwords have been stolen. The solution, developed in partnership with Cloudflare and HaveIBeenPwned (HIBP), analyzes your email and compares it with known databases of cyber attacks and information reported by hackers on the web.

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The feature has been in testing since June and has now been released for everyone. The service also lets you set up an alert to know when your email is involved in new data leaks. Here's how to use Firefox's leaked password checking panel to find out if you've ever been a victim of data theft.

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Firefox Monitor says if your password was stolen in hacker attacks

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Step 1. Access the Firefox Monitor site ( using any browser. Enter your e-mail address in the search field and press "Scan";

Make sure your data has been leaked

Step 2. If your passwords have already been stolen, the page will display all attacks on online services responsible for leaking your e-mail and passwords. Check mainly the date and what information was attacked. It is advisable that you change all the passwords of the services pointed out by the Monitor;

Discover hacking attacks in which your data has been involved

Step 3. Scroll down the page and select "Signup" to sign up for the Firefox Monitor alert;

Sign up for Firefox alert alert

Step 4. Enter your email and press "Signup" to be warned if your information appears in databases of new hacker attacks. You also need to confirm the subscription by clicking the link sent to the registered email inbox.

Enter your email to receive alerts for new attacks

Ready. Now you can know if your password or other data has already leaked on the Internet to protect yourself, if necessary.

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