Five online video editors that leave no watermark

There are several online video publishers on the Internet, but many of these sites add watermark to the final file in its free version. That's why we have prepared a list of five editing services that do not include any type of symbol or logo in the saved videos.

Using an online video editor is an alternative for those who do not want to download programs on the PC. In many cases, a website with few options solves the need for regular users who just want to improve their videos. Among the options chosen, we bring together platforms with complex tools and others with simpler use. In the following list, track the strengths and weaknesses of each of the editors and choose which you want to use in your videos.

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1. Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online service lets you add music, text and images to your videos

Movie Maker Online calls attention to offering unconventional video editing. The site has no connection to Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker program, requires a quick e-mail registration to release the tools, and then log in and use without restrictions. Users can add a soundtrack to royalty-free music thanks to access to a database that sorts songs by style.

In addition, the text option is ideal for adding subtitles, credits, and other extra information to scenes. The differential of this tool is, at the same time, its weak point. Typically, video editors allow you to make edits to the tonality of images and add effects like slow motion and transitions between scenes. The ability to only use web images and royalty free music are another weakness that can limit interactive editing possibilities in Movie Maker Online.

Movie Maker Online Website Editing Screen

With its strengths, the service can produce funny videos and quick edits of track and text, so it will not disappoint users with no experience in video editing. However, if you are looking for a more elaborate tool that can enhance scenes captured by your mobile phone or digital camera, consider using another service.

2. Clipchamp

Online Clip Filter Screen for Clipchamp Video Editing

Clipchamp is a tool with a modern interface and advanced options for editing videos. Needing only a quick login, this service stands out for allowing the use of videos and images in the final composition of a video. User actions are organized in a timeline that visually separates scene cuts and shows the exact time the progress bar is currently in progress.

On the left side of the screen, users can choose actions such as adding introductory captions, images, audio, and apply filters to change the range of colors captured by the camera. You can also change the exposure and saturation of images.

Screen to add animated captions to a video with the Climpchamp service

The subtitle option is one of the tool's strengths. Climpchamp lets you add animated captions that can be used to present characters, interviewees, and movie titles. Its downside is the limitation of downloading videos in SD (480p) format. However, premium users have other download qualities.

3. Hippo Video

Hippo Video online video editing service home screen

Hippo Video ( is the most powerful video authoring tool on this list. Users can record videos using the PC webcam, record the screen, make audio recordings with the microphone, and import images and videos for editing. In this way, the site is ideal for recording games, testimonial videos and podcasts for the web.

Hippo Video works only with MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP and MPG formats. In addition, it has a limitation of receiving only files with up to 500 MB. Size is a major limitation for people who want to edit long or high quality videos.

Hippo Video Video Editing Screen

Subtitle and narration options are ideal for adding explanatory edits about scenes. The tool also features a timeline that features cutting and resizing tools.

4. Video Toolbox

Cut Video Screen for Video Toolbox Service

Video Toolbox brings the alternate interface found in a video editing service. If you are accustomed to working with interactive interfaces and have a timeline, try another site. However, if the search is for a quick and effective way of editing, the service is an interesting option.

Videos edited by the service are exported in MKV, MOV, MP4 and other formats. Another interesting point is the limit of 1500 MB in video files imported to the publisher - three times larger than Hippo Video. The size ensures you edit long videos recorded by the mobile in format with good image quality.

Video Toolbox Video Services

Among the options of the site, we highlight the cut-by-video tool, the feature for users to add their own watermarks and the option to convert the file to other formats. To use Video Toolbox, you need a quick registration with the email address.

5. Video Cutter

Video Cutter online video editing screen

Video Cutter ( is the simplest service on this list because it has few editing options for videos. In fact, as it already says its name, it is a site that has as great purpose to cut videos. For this, it brings a timeline and cut bars at the ends of the scenes, allowing you to make cutouts and know by the time bar where the file will be edited.

After editing, the user can still convert your video only to AVI, MPG and 3GP formats. One plus is the ability to use videos stored in Google Drive and files on your computer.

The options we've listed can appeal from people with experience working with videos to lay people on the subject. To use these services, be sure to be connected to a fast network that ensures quick file upload. Test the five options and discover the one that meets your needs with your videos.

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