Five ways to put music in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can also be used to post music on the social network, as well as photos and videos. There are at least five different ways of putting songs in platform stories, whether with native functions such as the music sticker, or through tricks - shortcuts made by users when the application still does not accept audio files. Learn all the ways to post music on the social network in the tutorial for Android or iPhone (iOS) smartphones.

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Instagram Stories lets you add music to photos and videos

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1. Music Sticker

The "official" and simplest way to add music to Stories is by using the sticker present in the application's emoji menu. Choose the song from an Instagram database, set the desired part, and position the object on the screen. The song reference will be superimposed on the photo, after posting to the network.

Add a music sticker to Stories photos

2. Capture "Music" mode

To make videos with soundtrack, you need to open the integrated Instagram camera and shoot in Music mode next to the "Live" option. Choose the song also from the collection provided by Instagram and set the time before you start recording. Then just place the sticker on the screen and share it with friends.

3. Spotify

Spotify has an indirect way of posting music in Stories, through the streaming app itself. Open a currently playing track and access the menu on the three-way button. Then touch "Share" and select "Instagram Stories." The content will appear in the form of the shared title cover. You can move the element and use the editing tools before publishing.

Share Spotify songs directly in Stories

4. Video without sticker

To post videos without a sticker, in the middle of the recording, you have to resort to an old trick. Before you begin, open a video player, such as Spotify or Deezer, and play a song. Then, when you start recording the video, the sound in the background will serve as a soundtrack. Remember to increase the volume of your phone to get the best result. In addition to dispensing the sticker, this way expands the list of songs to choose from.

Play a song on your phone and record a video to create track posts in Stories

5. Screen recording

A similar trick can be done to share a Spotify song without using a sticker on the stories. Use the native iPhone screen recorder or an application like the AZ Screen Recorder on Android to capture the actions on the smartphone with the album cover open. Again, make sure the volume is high enough to be captured by the microphone of the phone. When you finish the video, open Instagram and post the newly created material. Anyone watching the Stories will see only the art of still music while the band plays in the background.

Share a song from a video capture from the screen

Ready. Enjoy the tips and place your favorite song in Instagram Stories any way you want.

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