Flash does not load in Chrome? See how to solve

Gradually removing Flash Player from the Internet can cause problems when trying to play videos and animations, especially using browsers such as Chrome. The Google program has been imposing new restrictions on the Adobe plugin that make it difficult to adjust the feature when it does not load.

However, there are some steps you can take in the operating system to try to make the feature work again. Here's how to troubleshoot Flash crashes when using recent versions of Chrome on your PC.

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Rename the Flash DLL file

Step 1. Type Win + R on the keyboard and use the "% localappdata%" command (without quotation marks) to access the local data folder on Windows;

Access your local Windows data folder

Step 2. Navigate to the "Google> Chrome> User Data> PepperFlash" folder;

Access the PepperFlash folder in Windows

Step 3. Inside the numbered folder, locate the item "pepflashplayer.dll" and rename it as "pepflashplayerX.dll" (without quotation marks);

Rename the Flash Player DLL

Step 4. If Chrome is open, type the command "chrome: // restart" (without quotation marks) in the address bar and press Enter to restart the browser.

Restart Chrome

Then re-test the playback of flash content to see if the plugin is working again.

Search for corrupted files

Step 1. A flaw in Windows can corrupt files and prevent Chrome plugins from working. If the flash does not work, open the command prompt as administrator to use sweep commands;

Open the command prompt as administrator

Step 2. Enter the command "sfc / scannow" (without quotes) to perform a full scan on the system for corrupted files.

Scan corrupted files on your computer

Remove the Flash folder

If nothing has resolved the problem so far, go back to the system data folder and locate the PepperFlash directory again. Right-click and remove the entire folder from the computer. Then reload the site and see if the flash error persists.

Remove the Flash folder if nothing works

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