Flickr changes storage and deletes your photos; see how to download

Flickr is preparing a major redesign that involves reducing the offer of free storage. Sold by Yahoo to SmugMug, the service will decrease the current quota of 1 TB free to up to 1, 000 items per account, between photos and videos of up to three minutes. Users with content above this limit must download and remove the extra files to fit the new rule. Otherwise, deleted media will be deleted from the older ones - except those under the Creative Commons license

On January 8, outdated users will no longer be able to save anything in the cloud. The deadline to download the personal collection that goes beyond the thousand uploads ends on February 5, 2019. Understand everything that changes on Flickr and learn how to download your library.

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Flickr limits free storage to a thousand photos or videos

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New Flickr Pro

The new free account limit is the result of the launch of the new Flickr Pro signature, which expands the functions of the service. For $ 50 a year, users will have unlimited storage for photos and videos of up to 10 minutes at their original resolution, no-ads interface, and library viewing statistics.

SmugMug also promises customer service and discounts on contracting services with a partner network that includes names such as Adobe. Starting in January, Flickr users will no longer be able to use their Yahoo account to sign in to the service, migrating to the servers of the new owner.

Photos under Creative Commons and non-profit institutions

Accounts posting photos under the Creative Commons license will not have the images deleted by Flickr. The company said all files will remain available even beyond the limit of one thousand photos. However, these accounts will not be able to upload more images unless they are promoted to the Pro plan.

Flickr also plans to offer free and unlimited media storage to nonprofits. Organizations can apply for Flickr Pro accounts for free via a form distributed on the photo platform.

How to download photos and videos from Flickr

Step 1. Log in to Flickr and hover over the "My Stuff" menu. Then press the "Camera Roll" option;

Access your photos stored on Flickr

Step 2. Click the photos you want to download. You can select one by one or batch by using the Shift key - select the first one, hold Shift, and select the last one. Then press the "Download" button in the lower right corner of the screen;

Select photos to download

Step 3. Flickr will issue an alert about the download. Select "Create ZIP file" to proceed;

Create a ZIP file with your photos

Step 4. The file is not available on time. After the ZIP creation, Flickr sends the download link via FlickrMail. Click on the notifications menu and access the email to check if the email has arrived;

Access Flickr Mail

Step 5. The message with the download link will be available in your inbox.

See if the download link has arrived in your Flickr inbox.

Via The Verge, Flickr and Business Wire

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