Fnx look at CS: GO: see how to configure the player's crosshair

Lincoln "fnx" Lau is one of the greatest Brazilian players of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Although the athlete is currently inactive, he made history in the game with achievements ranging from CS 1.6 to CS: GO. The pro player curriculum includes passages by organizations such as MIBR, Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming and Immortals. His last performance was by the team of No Tem As (NTC).

Even outside major competitions, fnx has a large legion of fans and followers on Instagram and Twitter. In the following tutorial, see how to set up the sights as the player's. As fnx has not updated your settings, the latest status information on your Twitch TV channel will be used.

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Step by step teaches you how to set the crosshair as fnx

Step 1. Open the CS: GO on your computer. In the main menu, click on "Settings, located in the gear icon, in the left lateral band;

Locate the settings menu to enable the in-game console

Step 2. To enter the aiming commands, you need to activate the console. To do this, go to the game settings and check yes in the "Activate Developer Console (');

With the console enabled, the settings can be entered in the game

Step 3. With this, you can now open the console with the "(')" key, located below the "esc" on the keyboard. In it, enter the following commands, followed by "enter" after each one:

cl_crosshair_drawoutline "0"
cl_crosshair_outlinethickness "1"
cl_crosshairalpha "255"
cl_crosshaircolor "4"
cl_crosshaircolor_b "200"
cl_crosshaircolor_g "0"
cl_crosshaircolor_r "152"
cl_crosshairdot "0"
cl_crosshairgap "-3"
cl_crosshairsize "3"
cl_crosshairstyle "4"
cl_crosshairthickness "1"

Enter one command at a time in the console

Step 4. Finally, enter a match to test the crosshair changes. For practicality, place in a private game with bots;

Your aim will be set to fnx

Ready. After following the step by step, your aim will be like fnx. It is worth remembering that the resolution settings interfere subtly in the way the crosshair is displayed in the game, and to have the same fidelity as the fnx target, it is also recommended to use the player's resolution, which is 1280x960, with a ratio of 4: 3 black bars

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