Food Calorie Count App: Learn how to use MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is an ally for anyone who wants to get in shape as it functions as a digital food diary. In addition to counting calories, the free tool available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones also records meals and monitors physical activity, water intake, weight and even the mood of the day. The service provides a library with the number of calories of various foods, which can be entered both manually and via bar code. This feature is useful for users with more hectic routines as it allows to optimize the process.

The application also allows you to determine the percentage of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fat) and also provides integration with a number of exercise applications, for example Runtastic, BTFIT and Garmin Connect. With most of its features available for free, MyFitnessPal also features a premium version. The mode costs $ 9.99 per month (about $ 37.44 in direct conversion) or $ 49.99 per year (approximately $ 187.36), but can be tested for free for a month.

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Use MyFitness Pal to aid weight loss with meal record and calorie count

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Those interested in starting the year 2019 with healthier habits can use applications as aids in following the new routine. However, it is worth remembering that the programs do not dispense medical evaluations with nutritionists and endocrinologists, for example. These professionals are prepared to define a personalized weight loss program, according to the personal needs of each patient.

Step 1. Install the MyFitnessPal on your phone through the MyFitnessPal page. When you open the app for the first time, tap "Register" to register on the platform. For the procedure, the user can choose between using the email address or the profile on Facebook;

Sign up for the MyFitnessPal app when you first sign up

Step 2. Answer the questions about your goal, activity level, gender, age, height, weight and weight goal, how much you want to lose per week. In addition, you must also agree to the terms of use of the application. From the answers, the platform suggests the number of calories the user should consume daily to reach the goal, with an estimate of the weight lost in the next four weeks;

Answer the MyFitnessPal series of questions to determine a calorie intake goal

Step 3. To insert the food ingested there are two ways. The first one is by touching "Diary" and then the "+" sign on the left side of each meal. When you do this, the next screen will display a search field to search for food manually or from the barcode. Select the nearest food and edit the portion size / quantity;

Record meals made in the MyFitnessPal app

Step 4. The other way to insert food is by the "+" sign on the bottom bar of the screen. The option opens a floating menu with several options, one of them is the food register. Simply select the item with fork and knife symbols and set the meal to be registered. Then repeat the previous step;

Quickly access the food, exercise, water and weight register in the MyFitnessPal app

Step 5. If you find that the number of calories is not appropriate to your needs, tap the "Remaining Calories" area to edit the values. Then go to the target number;

Change the calorie consumption goal when you want in the MyFitnessPal app

Step 6. In this same area, it is also possible to edit the distribution of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) - something especially useful for those who want to restrict the consumption of fats or carbohydrates, for example. Any restrictive food measure must be accompanied by a specialist doctor;

Also modify the amount of macronutrients to be consumed through the MyFitnessPal app

Step 7. To follow the evolution, go to "Progress" in the lower bar of the screen. With the menu you can see your initial weight, the current weight and the variation. After weighing, tap "Record" and enter the new number. Under "More, " on the bottom bar, access other application features such as nutritional information, recipes, and community;

The application also helps to track the progress of weight loss

Step 8. MyFitness Pal also has the "Reminders" section, with a watch that sends out notifications with a warning to fill your meals and even drink water. To enable, simply activate the key next to the record programmed in "Reminders". The alert can be set to inform you when to register the updated weight value.

You can also enable reminders so you do not forget to make the

Ready. Now just use MyFitness Pal to count the calories in your food and monitor your weight loss.

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