Fortnite: Challenge of Season 6 Time Trials; how to complete

Fortnite Battle Royale, for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS, has been given a Time Trial challenge in its 6th Season where players must collect timers in a stipulated time by building ramps and platforms. You have not completed the mission yet? Check out the guide on how to find and take the tests.

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# 1 Snobs

The first Time Trial is to the right of the Snobs, positioned on the left side of the map. The top is at the top of a small hill of the place. In this event you will need to go down a large well collecting the timers.

Find one of the Fortnite Time Trials near the Snobs

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To make the task easier, set your ramps down to make the construction more agile. If you drop down the sides or stop collecting items, use the left-hand ladder to return to the starting point.

In this test use platforms down to go down the well and collect the timers

# 2 Torres Tortas

The second Time Trial is very close to the Tortas Towers, one of the busiest and most dangerous spots on the Fortnite map. Just get to the bottom of the map, up to a raised terrain.

Find a Time Trial south of Torres Tortas

Set the timer a few times to map the positioning of each item. Start from the extreme left, and then make a curve with your construction to the right side to get to all stopwatches. It will be necessary to make a kind of square through the air.

In the Time Trial of Torres Tortas, it will be necessary to make path cuts

# 3 Matrix Mines

Head to the area below Minas Matreiras, on a large iron bridge that crosses the site. It is just below the marked point, and is quite easy to locate on the map, or when you are falling with your glider.

Matreiras Mines Time Trial is the easiest of Fortnite

This is the easiest challenge of the three, as you simply mount a platform across the top of the map to collect all the timers. Stay on top of each other's positions and build your ramps on that side to make it easier.

In the Mines competition, build platforms just above the bridge to pick up all the timers

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