Fortnite: Challenges of Season 2 Week 2; see how to complete

Fortnite, Battle Royale available on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and the Fortnite Mobile version, for Android and iPhone (iOS), has received the second Challenge of the Week for Season 7, which recently arrived at the title. Not yet completed quests to unlock items? Check out the guide with all the quests and learn how to finish them.

Challenges of Week 1 of Season 7; see how to complete

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  • Search a Chest in different Named Points

Chests are scattered throughout Fortnite's Battle Royale map, and can be easily found at named points, which are regions of the map marked with a proper name. Just open seven chests to complete the challenge.

Challenges of Season 2 Week 2

  • Deal damage with different weapon types to opponents

Fortnite has a wide variety of weapons, which will be essential to complete this mission. It will be necessary to eliminate five opponents using different types of weapons, such as pistols, rifles, SMGs, shotguns and explosives.

Use different weapons to deal damage to enemies in Fortnite

  • Eliminate opponents at Snobbands or Fatal Fields

Snubbands and Fatal Fields will be the scene of many battles between players, since one of the missions involves eliminating at least three rivals in one of the territories. Stay tuned, because the locals must be quite busy.

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  • Stage 1: Visit the Snobs and the Pleasant Park in a single game

The staged mission where you need to visit two map locations is back in week 2. Mark the locations on the map and use safe routes to get around quickly. Another alternative is the vehicles.

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  • Play Sheet Music on a piano near the Pleasant Park and the Lonely Hut

The fun piano scores also came back in the new week of challenges. Go to Pleasant Park and Lonely Hut to find the keys positioned on the floor and jump over them to play the notes.

Visit the points marked on the Fortnite missions

  • Participate in a Dance Battle in an abandoned mansion

Go to the mansion on the right side of the map and find other players on the dance floor. The objective is to reproduce the emotes of the game in the marked points, to accumulate points and to win the dance contest of the game.

  • Eliminate an opponent at 50m or more away

Snipers will also be in demand over the next few days at Fortnite, with the need to eliminate a rival 50 meters away. Look for head shots to deal more damage and complete the challenge more easily.