Fortnite: Challenges of Season 7 Week 7; see how to complete

Fortnite Battle Royale received the list of challenges for the seventh week of Season 7 on the PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the Fortnite Mobile version for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. challenges involve destroying Storm-X4 aircraft, visiting the Advanced Points and other activities. See below for the complete list of challenges, how to finalize them and get many stars for the Battle Pass.

What are Fortnite's Weekly Challenges? Learn all about the system

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  • Visit all the Expedition Advanced Stations

Advanced Expedition points are new locations on the map that premiered in Season 7. This is the second time that buildings appear in weekly challenges, and you'll need to visit them to finish the mission.

Fortnite: Challenges of Season 7 Week 7; see how to complete

  • Use a Slot or Slot in different games

The slots serve to launch players through the air and expedite their movement to other locations on the map. In this challenge, find three of the slotted or portable slots and enter them to receive the stars.

  • Eliminations with Pistol

Pistols are not among the most popular weapons of Fortnite players, but will certainly be played in the coming weeks thanks to this mission, which challenges players to eliminate their opponents using the different models.

Destroying planes is one of the challenges of the week at Fortnite

Battle Pass

  • Stage 1: Stand on the Salt Fountains

In the staged mission, go to the marked locations and simply touch the ground coming from your glider to finish the parts. Keep an eye on updating the goals in your list of challenges.

  • Search for Trunks on Sack Lake or Ice Cream Sheds

When visiting Sack Lake or Ice Shelves, look for the chests in the most popular locations and open them to fill the mission bar.

Stay in the marked places to complete the missions of Fortnite

  • Destroy X-4 Storms in mid-flight

Stay tuned for the skies to spot enemies flying with Fortnite's planes, and detonate at least one of them to complete the challenge of the difficult category, which yields ten golden stars for your account.

  • Stage 1: Damage opponents in a single match

At the last staged challenge, give at least 200 points of damage to opponents in a single match to reach the goal and receive the award for that quest.

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