Fortnite: Challenges of Week 1 of Season 7; see how to complete

Fortnite received Season 7 of Battle Royale mode and they already have the first list of Challenges of the Week, available to the players of the Free Pass and Battle Pass. Available on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and in the Fortnite Mobile version, for Android and iPhone (iOS), the missions are marked by novelties such as dancing in forbidden places and in crown trailers, and the return of classic tasks . Check out the complete list and learn how to end the challenges in the free Epic Games game.

Fortnite wins Creative Mode in Season 7

Free pass

  • Collect one item from each rarity

To complete the challenge, you must find and collect at least one item from each of the five rarities available on Fortnite. They are indicated by the colors white (common), green (unusual), blue (rare), purple (epic) and orange (legendary).

Fortnite: Challenges of Week 1 of Season 7; see how to complete

  • Dance in different prohibited venues

Scattered by the Fortnite map, there are "dance-banned" signs. The goal is to disregard the rules, find seven of these cards and use one of the dances or emotes of the game in front of them to complete the challenge.

  • Play games with at least one elimination

To finish the mission, participate in at least five matches in which you eliminate one or more opponents. Places like the Tortas Towers and Via do Varejo are usually very busy, and can help complete the mission more easily.

Find weapons of different rarities in Fortnite

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Battle Pass

  • Stage 1: Dancing in a trailer crown

In the first stage challenge, players must find specific locations. They are a crown of trailers (at the bottom of the map, in the desert), metal turtle (on the right side of the map, near the Lonely Hut) and on a submarine, located at Polar Peak.

  • Damage to opponents' head hits

New season, old challenge. Deal 500 points of damage to opponents by hitting shots uniquely on their heads. More accurate weapons are better suited for more control over firing.

  • Stage 1: Scan Ammo Boxes in a single game

Another challenge in stages, which means that players have to perform simple tasks to get a total of 9 golden stars. Find the ammo boxes on the map and keep an eye on the mission update.

Search for ammunition boxes at Fortnite

  • Eliminate opponents at different denominated points

Named points are map locations that have their own names, such as Dust Crater and Junk Crossing. Go to these locations and eliminate a total of 5 opponents to finish. This mission.

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