Fortnite: Check the location of the 10 birthday cakes on the map

Fortnite received a special challenge at the commemoration of her first birthday. Among the proposed tasks is finding ten cakes hidden by the map of the game and dancing in front of them. Still have not found the location of the cakes? He has prepared a guide with the exact positions of each of the items, check it out.

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After finding one of the cakes, approach him and use one of his dances or emotes of Fortnite (click here and learn how). A small notification will appear in the left corner of the screen, showing how many cakes are left. Note that there is no specific order of the cakes, and you can complete the process in multiple matches (one or more cakes per game).

Fortnite: check out the location of the 10 birthday cakes on the map

Check below the images with the locations on the map and the position of the cakes:

Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

Pleasant Park

The cake in the Agrádável Park region is on the left side of the map, and right next to the main building, just above the gas station.

The first cake is in the Nice Park of Fortnite

Meadow of laziness

Positioned in the central part of the top of the Fortnite map, the Lazy Meadow hides one of the cakes, which is just below its main area, on one of the small dirt roads.

Check out the location of the cake at Prado da Preguiça in Fortnite

Tricky Bonnie

On the right side of the top of the map, go to the Treacherous Reels, then head towards the Lamurioso Forest to find another cake, in a high part and very easy to see.

There is a cake between the Lamurioso Forest and Treacherous Bonnies of Fortnite

Tortas towers

Torres Tortas, one of Fortnite's hottest locations, also has a hidden cake. Just go to the northern part of the place, right on the edge of the main river on the map.

Location of the cake near the Towers and the Fortnite side

Lonely Hut

To the south of Lamurioso Forest, follow until you find the Solitary Hut, which has a cake very easy to find, facing some rock formations and trees.

Cake located near Fortnite's Lone Hut

Fat Forest

In the southwestern part of the map, visit the Greasy Grove, and on the upper side of your town a cake can be found, right in front of one of the locally s fast foods with the brown ceiling with orange accents.

City of the Fat Forest hides one of Fortnite's cakes

Via do Retail

Just down the Lonely Hut you will come to the Via do Varejo, one of the very busy centers of Fortnite. Right in the center of the main building you will find one more of the birthday event cakes.

Cake of the Via do Varejo in Fortnite

Download Factory

At the bottom of the map, on the left side is the Download Factory, which has one of the cakes right in front of its entrance, in the large gray building with a huge toilet.

Position of the cake in the Fortnite Downloads Factory

Fatal Fields

To the south of the map, right in the middle of the area, you'll find the Fatal Fields, which have several plantations and barracks. Facing one of the biggest of them, one of Fortnite's cakes awaits you.

Bolo dos Campos Fatal is in the open area on the map of Fortnite

Paradise of the Palms

The only cake located in the deserted part of the Fortnite map is also one of the easiest to find. Go to the Paraíso das Palmeiras area on the lower right side of the map and go through the main buildings to find the item.

Paraíso das Palmeiras Cake is in the deserted part of the Fortnite map.

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