Fortnite crashing? See possible causes and what to do to resolve

Fortnite, the Epic Games game for download on iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, may suffer from performance issues, bugs from upgrades, among other errors that prevent the user from running or starting the game in their PC version. Fortnite crashing? So check out this guide to possible causes and key solutions and see how to solve them. It is worth mentioning that this tutorial serves both Fortnite Battle Royale and the Save the World version.

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Outdated Video Driver

The most common mistakes in Fortnite happen because of outdated drivers. Before testing any solution below, go to the corresponding page for your Nvidia or AMD video card, download and install the most up-to-date version of the driver on your computer.

Fortnite crashing? Update your video card drivers

Unsupported Resolution

Your computer may not have all the requirements to run Fortnite, so you may experience a very low frame rate or errors related to a resolution that is incompatible with your settings. The simplest way to solve this is by lowering the game's 3D resolution to 1280x760 or a suitable size for your machine.

Step 1. At Fortnite, click on the settings gear;

In the Fortnite menu, click the settings icon with the gear icon

Step 2. Change 3D resolution to 1280x760.

Change the 3D resolution of the Fortnite to 1280x720

BattlEye boot failed

BattlEye is an anti-fraud protection system that, at one time or another, may conflict with your antivirus, firewall or even the game itself because of corrupted data. To correct the "Failed to Start BattlEye Service" or "0xc00007b", reinstall the program.

Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

Step 1. Open the Fortnite "BattleEye" folder located in "C: \ Program Files \ Fortnite \ FortniteGame \ Binaries \ Win64 \ BattlEye";

Use the BattlEye uninstaller in the Fortnite folder

Step 2. Click "Uninstall_BattlEye.bat";

Step 3. Restart your PC. Go back to the folder and click "Install_BattlEye.bat" to reinstall the program. Now try opening the game again.

Go back in the same folder and reinstall BattlEye in Fortnite

Full screen optimization

The message "An Unreal Process Has Crashed: UE4-FortniteGame" is one of the most frequently encountered errors in Fortnite. It is suspected to be caused by bugs, incompatibility, or failure to identify the correct video driver. Fortunately, there is more than one way to get around the problem.

The first is to disable the "Full Screen Optimization" option in the Fortnite client compatibility settings.

Step 1. Access the "Win64" folder under "C: \ Program Files \ Fortnite \ FortniteGame \ Binaries \ Win64 \";

Step 2. Right click on the file "FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe" and select the "Properties" option;

In the Fortnite folder, change the settings of both the files shown in the image

Step 3. Under "Compatibility" check the box "Disable full-screen optimization." You can also check to run as administrator;

Check the two boxes, save the settings and restart Fortnite

Step 4. Repeat the same process with the file "FortniteClient-Win64-ShippingBE.exe", also located in the same folder as the first one;

Step 5. Restart the game and see if the problem is resolved.

Problems with TDR

If the tutorial above did not work, the problem may be related to TDR, or Timeout Detection and Recovery. When Windows uses the video card, the operating system sends a signal to the monitor. If the response time is long, Windows resets the drivers for security.

Do you know when the screen "blinks" and then returns to normal? This is what happens. Only during the match will cause the game to freeze.

Step 1. Press Windows + R on the keyboard, type "regedit" and hit Enter;

Use the Windows + R shortcut to access the Registry Editor and correct the error in Fortnite

Step 2. In Registry Editor, open "GraphicsDrivers" under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ GraphicsDrivers"

Step 3. Right click on the right side of the screen, in the gray part, select "New" and then the option "Dword Value 32 bits";

Step 4. In the name, type "TdrLevel" without quotation marks. Then double-click the file you created and type zero (0) under "Value data";

of value "with the number zero

Step 5. Close the registry and restart your computer.

Video card conflicts

On some notebooks or computers with two video cards - one of which is integrated with the processor - conflicts can occur that cause the game to "crash" or reduce the frame rate per second.

Whether it be bugs or because of the PC's own settings, users have reported on the internet two ways to repair these problems.

Step 1. Open the Device Manager;

Step 2. On the Video Adapters tab, you will see the name of the two adapters. With the right mouse button, click the dedicated video card (offboard) and select "disable device";

Disable the video card, and then re-enable

Step 3. Then click "enable device".

Another way to fix this is by disabling the integrated video card so that the game recognizes and uses only the dedicated card.

Step 1. Open the Device Manager;

Turn off the integrated video card to resolve the error in Fortnite

Step 2. Use the "disable device" option on the integrated card.

Corrupted files

Does the error persist? Something may be corrupted in the Fortnite archives.

Step 1. Open the Fortnite launcher and click on the gear;

Check the integrity of files in the Fortnite launcher

Step 2. Select "Check" and wait for the process. The program will search for damaged or missing data and will download the files.


The error "0x887A0006" is associated with overclocked GPUs. If Fortnite is closing with this message, undo the Overclock - if any - or the program used for the procedure and try restarting the game.

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