Fortnite: Finding Corrupted Areas and Shadow Stones

Fortnite Battle Royale is the Epic Games game for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. Among the challenges of the week were added quests to find the Corrupted Areas on the map, as well as using the new Shadow Stones, which leave the characters invisible. Check out the locations to complete the tasks.

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The First Corrupted Area is at the bottom of the Fortnite Battle Royale map, just above the region's Fatal Fields. Just enter the area with ground soil for the count to be activated on the mission of the game.

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One of the areas is close to the Fatal Fields of Fortnite

Go to the top of the map from the last Corrupted Area to find another location, positioned to the left of the Crater Emporia.

Find an area next to the Dusty Crater

On the left side of the map, next to Matrix Mines you will find another Corrupted Area. The location sits on a raised terrain, but just reach one of its edges to accomplish the mission.

Go to Matrix Mines to find a Corrupted Fortnite Area

In the northwestern part of the Frotnite map, arrive at the Pleasant Park and descend a little to find another Corrupted Area, which is in a kind of crater.

One of the areas is below the Pleasant Park of Fortnite

Head to the Prado da PreguiƧa in the upper central part and descend a little to reach another Corrupted Area, which will be on the banks of a steep decline of the map.

Prado da PreguiƧa has a Corrupted Area in Fortnite

The Lamurioso Forest also hides a Corrupted Area, which is right in its center. Just go down with your glider to the spot and look for a clearing to find the exact spot and approach it.

Bosque Lamurioso has an area in its center

The mobile platform raised by the fortnite cube has a corrupted area just below it, demarcated by a land without vegetation. Approach the great tornado to complete the mission.

Go to the platform that moves across the map to find the Fornite's Last Corrupted Area

How to get the Dark Stones

Consumable items are a novelty of Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale, and are found exclusively around Corrupted Areas. Enjoy your visits to these locations to collect the purple cubes and complete your mission.

Step 1. Identify one of the Corrupted Areas on the map, marked by vegetation-free spots with bright purple symbols;

Identify the Corrupted Areas on the Fortnite map

Step 2. Find the small Shadow Stones in the vicinity of these locations, approach them and press the interaction button;

Approach the cubes and consume them

Step 3. Your character will be partially invisible, and much faster for a limited time. Repeat this process in three different matches to complete the challenge.

Repeat the process in three matches to complete the quest