Fortnite: How to Buy and Use the Epic Games Game Dances

Fortnite Battle Royale is a phenomenon among fans of games on the PC, Xbox One, PS4 and iOS phones (the Android version will still be released). In addition to the challenging and addictive gameplay, the Epic Games game stands out for the charismatic skins and dances that can be used by the characters to provoke opponents and celebrate victories.

Still do not know how to buy and use the moves? Check out the complete guide.

See the requirements and learn how to download Fortnite

Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

Step 1. From the Fortnite main menu, go to the "Item Shop" tab;

of items "in Fortnite

Step 2. Select one of the dance gestures and click on it to buy;

Select the dance you want to buy in Fortnite

Step 3. In this screen you can see the dance in action. Choose "Get V-Bucks" to proceed with your purchase;

Choose one of the dances available on Fortnite

Step 4. Choose one of the game's coin packs and click to proceed. Note that V-Bucks can only be made with real money;

To buy dances one must have V-Bucks from Fortnite

Step 5. Head to the store on your platform and finalize the payment to receive your Fortnite coins;

Buy one of the Fortnite V-Bucks packages

Step 7. After buying your dance, go to the Dressing room tab and click on Gesture to add a new movement;

Go to the dressing room flap to apply your new Fortnite dance

Step 8. Choose your new dance from the list of available gestures and add it to your character's movement list;

Choose the dance you want to use at Fortnite

Step 9. Okay, now just press B on the keyboard or down arrow on Xbox One and PS4 to open the list of gestures of the game.

Access gestures in Fortnite

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