Fortnite: How to complete the clay disc challenge in the game

Fortnite Battle Royale - Epic Games game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android - has a series of weekly challenges that propose different tasks for players in exchange for prizes. Among them is "Hit a Clay Disc in different places", in which the objective is to find five firing stations and hit the items using one of the weapons of the game. Still have not fulfilled the mission? Check out the location of the discs and learn how to complete the challenge.

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Launched in the third week of Season 5 of Fortnite, the challenge is only available to players who have the game's Battle Pass, and earns five stars for their progression in the pass.

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See how to complete the clay disc challenge at Fortnite

Step 1. To destroy the disks, it is necessary to activate the station and then hit the object before it touches the ground;

Activate the disc station to begin the Fortnite mission

Step 2. It is possible to accomplish the task with any type of weapon, but the shotguns are the most indicated, since their shots spread through the air, increasing the area reached. Generally this type of weapon is positioned near the stations, to facilitate its life;

Give preference to shotguns to facilitate your Fortnite mission

Step 3. To get the shots easier, notice the path of the clay disc and place your weapon on that same line. Once the object is released, shoot to destroy it without major problems.

Position your weapon in the path of the discs to facilitate firing on Fortnite

Step 4. In total there are five clay disc stations scattered across the map. The challenge can be fulfilled in any order, and in several different matches (one disc per match for example).

Check out the exact positioning of each of the stations in the Fortnite Battle Royale:

First firing station sits on the shores of Lake Sack of Fortnite

The first point is on the banks of Lake of Saque, right in the center of the Fortnite map. It is important to be careful and be fast, as this is a very busy and dangerous area of ​​the game.

Hit the clay disk above the Fortnite Downloads Factory

At the bottom left of the map, just above the Download Factory, you will find the second one (see photo above). The place sits on a very extreme part of the map, and is fairly easy to find.

Third clay disc station lies between the Lamurioso Forest and Solitary Hut

Go to the area between the Lamurioso Forest and Solitary Hut to find the third clay disc station of the Fortnite, facing the area full of darker trees. This place also usually has many players at the beginning of the match.

Find the fourth spot to the left of the Nice Fortnite Park

Departing from the Pleasant Park, head to the left until you pass a small set of mountains. Behind them you'll find the fourth point to complete the quest. This is a quieter region, and is a good alternative for starting up.

The last disk is at the bottom right of Fortnite map in the desert

The last point is on the desert side of the Fortnite map, at the bottom right, at the end of the map. Thanks to its position, it is quite easy to find the place, but getting there walking may not be a good idea thanks to the long distances.

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