Fortnite: How to Complete the Halloween Bell Ringer Challenge

Fortnite Battle Royale, released for free for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and IOS, has won a themed challenge for Halloween, where players must ring house bells as in the Halloween tradition. You have not completed the mission yet? Check out the complete guide:

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Step 1. To complete the mission, it is necessary to find houses decorated for Halloween. This type of construction is much more common in more urban areas of the map, such as Salt Fountains, Greasy Grove and other cities;

Fortnite: How to Complete the Halloween Bell Ringer Challenge

Step 2. While approaching the place, take the time to look for the decorated houses, which usually have rather flashy elements. Another good idea is to observe where your enemies are going, as you will have to press the bell of a house where one of them is;

Search for decorated houses and enemies while using your Fortnite glider

Step 3. When you reach the floor, go to one of the decorated houses. Note that the bigger and more flashy ones usually have enemies in search of items;

Find Halloween-themed homes to complete the Fortnite mission

Step 4. The bells are positioned on one side of the door, and you only need to use the action button (square, X or E) to trigger it. Note that this will make a sound that will denounce your position, so be prepared;

The bells are next to the doors, and can be triggered with the Fortnite action button

Step 5. Approach the houses and rush your ears to hear footsteps and other sounds emitted by enemies inside houses, so it will be easier to know which of them have players inside;

Listen to footsteps and other noises in Fortnite houses to detect opponents

Step 6. In some cases the bells are covered by boxes or decor elements, which you can detonate with one or two strokes of your pick before pressing the bell.

Some bells are covered by elements of decoration on the Fortnite

Step 7. The process needs to be repeated three times in different games. That means it's no use pressing four or five bells in a single game, because only one will be counted.

Repeat the process in three matches to complete the mission at Fortnite

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