Fortnite: How to play the new Creative Mode

Fortnite has come to Season 7, and among the new features is the introduction of Creative Mode, where players can build completely customized arenas and call friends to play games. Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Fortnite Mobile version for Android and iPhone (iOS), the novelty will be open to all players as of December 13, but can already be used by those who bought the Season Pass. The mode will exist next to Battle Royale and Save the World. Check out the guide on how to play.

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Step 1. Select Creative mode from the game's main menu. Note that you must have the Season Pass to play before December 13;

Fortnite: how to play the new creative mode

Step 2. If you do not already have the pass, it can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks on the "Season Pass" tab;

To play before the 13th is necessary to have the Battle Pass

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Step 3. Select the mode in the main menu and click to start the game in Fortnite;

Select Creative mode from the Fortnite menu

Step 4. You will be taken to a kind of lobby, where you can choose from four different islands, which can be customized individually. Walk to the light and wait for the loading of your map;

Choose an island to start building at Fortnite

Step 5. On the map, press the jump button twice to make your character fly freely. This helps a lot when building;

Press the jump button twice to fly freely across the map

Step 6. Open the structures menu (Tab key on PC and directional up on consoles and cell phones) to access all available buildings and buildings;

Open the structures menu to start building at Fortnite

Step 7. After choosing a structure, shoot it somewhere to build it immediately;

Shoot the structures on the map to build them in Fortnite

Step 8. You can also copy, place, rotate, move, and remove objects and map elements. Check the commands on the left side of the screen to speed up your build;

You can clone, rotate, and reposition objects on the map with your phone

Step 9. All Fortnite Battle Royale vehicles, including the new airplane, can be positioned on the map and used at any time;

All Fortnite vehicles can also be positioned on the map freely

Step 10. One of the novelties was the inclusion of several special tools, such as timers and interactive counters, that can be triggered by the characters in disputes;

Tools like special timers have been added to the Fortnite Creative mode

Step 11. Want to add weapons and consumables to your map? It is possible to create personalized llamas and chests with dozens of game items, and place them in strategic locations to equip players;

Create chests or llamas with custom items in Fortnite

Step 12. At the end of your edit, select the game mode, duration of matches and add custom rules to finish. Then just invite your friends and start the game. Note that you can re-edit your island at any time to add more elements.

Finalize your creation with mode, rules and modifiers and invite your friends to your Fortnite Island

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