Fortnite: how to play the new Domination mode in the Nightclub

Fortnite Battle Royale, a free game from Epic Games for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS, has received the new Disco Domination mode, in which the objective is to find dance floors and use emotes to capture them. The mode is very reminiscent of Battlefield's Conquest mode, and is a great choice for team play. Check out the guide:

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Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

Step 1. In the main menu of Fortnite, go to the list of modes and select the Disco Domination, where it is possible to play solo or in a group;

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Fortnite: how to play the new Domination mode in the Nightclub

Step 2. Soon after getting off the bus, points will appear marked on the map, where the dance floors are located;

Follow the points marked on the map of Fortnite

Step 3. The dance floors can be easily found thanks to the searchlights that move around. These are the platforms where you need to dance;

Locate the Fortnite dance floor

Step 4. Go to the center of the lane and run one of your Fortnite emotes to start the capture;

Use Fortnite gestures to capture the dance floors

Step 5. Note that you will need to wait for the bar to complete to fully dominate the point. This will cause you to be exposed to opponents, so try to eliminate them beforehand;

Wait for the bar to be loaded to capture a dance floor at Fortnite

Step 6. On the map, points marked in blue are dominated by your allies, and reds by opponents. The goal is to keep as many clues as you can to get your score up faster;

Map reveals allied and rival points in Fortnite

Step 7. Unlike the traditional Fortnite mode, you may reappear if it is eliminated by an opponent. Your character will return to the glider, and you choose where you want to land;

If you die, you may reappear

Step 8. As the map closes, the tracks cease to exist and appear in new locations. To capture clues from opponents, you need to neutralize them before, dancing until they no longer have red markings.

Clues change places when the Fortnite map closes