Fortnite: how to play the new Escape mode

Fortnite Battle Royale has received the new game mode: The Escape, released for free for its versions of PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. In mode, the goal is to collect gems scattered across the map and get away with them in strategically placed vans. In addition to the modality, the game also won a set of quests, which unlocks a pickaxe in the shape of a goat.

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Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

Step 1. In the main menu of Fortnite Battle Royale, go to the selection of game modes and select The Escape. Note that matches are for groups of four players, but you can play with other unknown players;

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Fortnite Battle Royale: how to play the new mode The Escape

Step 2. When the match begins, four chests will appear marked on the map containing the jewels. Try to fall into regions close to them and equip yourself with weapons to face the competition;

Go to the vaults marked on the Fortnite map

Step 3. The locations will be marked by a smoke signal, and they have an indication below the map, which shows if the jewels have already been collected;

Safe deposit boxes are marked by smoke signals on the Fortnite map.

Step 4. Open the safe to get the jewelry. A good idea is to protect yourself with constructions, since the goal of all players will be to take it from you;

Open Fortnite's safe to collect jewelry

Step 5. If you eliminate a player who has a jewel, he will fall to the ground and you can collect it normally;

Shoot down an enemy who has the jewel to catch it in Fortnite

Step 6. Keep an eye on the appearance of the vans on the game map. They will be marked, and are usually in the center. After collecting the jewelry, your goal is to reach them;

Find the vans to plan your Fortnite getaway

Step 7. You will need to build a ramp to get to the van. Opt for reinforced structures, or they can easily be detonated by distant opponents, and will result in a fatal fall;

Build structures to get to the Fortnite van

Step 8. When you get away in the van, you will receive a Fortnite victory;

Escape to win the match of The Fugue in Fortnite

Challenges: High Risk

Along with The Fugue mode, Epic Games has launched a series of challenges called High Risk, which can be accessed by all players in the game. When you complete all three tasks (all related to Escape mode), players will gain a pickaxe format.

Check the missions:

Complete the High Risk challenges to earn a unique Fortnite item

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