Fortnite: how to play the new mode Royale Score

Fortnite Battle Royale has received the new Royale Scoring mode, released for all versions of the game, on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. In the modality, the traditional rules of the game are changed, and the main objective is to reach a predetermined score. For this the players need to eliminate opponents, collect items and special coins. Check out the tutorial on how to play the new mode:

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Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

Royale Scoring matches take place on the full game map, with the same 100 players per game. The map continues to close over time, to compel encounters between players and make the game more tense and exciting.

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Step 1. In the main menu of Fortnite, access the list of modes and choose the Royale Score, positioned at the bottom right;

Fortnite: how to play the new mode Royale Score

Step 2. Select a location to drop off the bus. Note that larger cities may contain more items and players to face, who yield points to win;

Choose the right place to get many items in Fortnite's Royale Punctuation Mode

Step 3. After a few seconds of starting you will receive notification that the coin batch has been released on the map. This is the time to start hunting for items;

Keep an eye on the coin batch release in Fortnite's Royale Scoring mode

Step 4. There are three types of coins, Bronze (30 points), Silver (50 points) and Gold (100 points), which are scattered randomly across the map. From time to time new batches will be released;

Wander around the map to get many coins in Fortnite's Royale Punctuation Mode

Step 5. The valuable chests are also a good way to increase your score and ensure better equipment to ensure your survival. Each open chest will yield 50 points;

Pry your ears to discover chests in Fortnite's Royale Punctuation Mode

Step 6. Ammunition boxes are available to the hills within the Fortnite buildings, and give 25 additional points for each open unit;

Ammo boxes are also worth points in Fortnite's Royale Scoring mode

Step 7. Life apples and shell mushrooms also increase your score in Fortnite's Royale Scoring mode. Each item consumed guarantees 10 additional points, in addition to improving your health and shield;

Collect apples and mushrooms for 10 points each in Fortnite's Royale Score mode

Step 8. Although not the primary goal of the mode, eliminations continue to be a key to winning matches in Royale Scoring mode. Each downed enemy will guarantee you 100 additional points, and decrease your competition in the game.

Detonate your opponents to score in Fortnite's Royale Punctuation Mode

The first player to reach the points goal will win. Note that the required score is different, depending on the size of your group. In the game solo it is necessary to do 2000 points, in the double 3000 and in the 4500 quartets, considering that the items collected by the whole team are counted in the same scoreboard.

Check all the ways to score and their values:

How to Increase Your Score on the Royale Score

Bronze Coin30
Silver Coin50
Gold Coin100
Mushroom or Mushroom10
Ammunition Box25
Supplies Box100
Elimination of opponent100
Source: Epic Games slide to see content

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