Fortnite: How to play using mouse and keyboard on PS4 and Xbox One

Fortnite is an Epic Games game available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Console versions offer native compatibility with mice and keyboards, allowing players to experience the game using the peripherals, known for their improved FPS performance. You can customize controls, adjust sensitivity, and other advanced options. Check out the complete tutorial on how to configure the accessories in Fortnite.

Tips for doing well in Fortnite

Step 1. With Fortnite open, connect the mouse and keyboard to the USB ports of your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Peripherals will be automatically recognized by the consoles;

Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

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Step 2. From the Fortnite main menu, access the settings (small gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen);

Access Fortnite settings

Step 3. On the "Data Entry" tab, move your mouse and press any key on the keyboard to enable the settings. Here you can freely change the commands of the game;

Configure mouse and keyboard in Fortnite

Step 4. On the "Game" tab, use the "Mouse Sensitivity" option to adjust the movement speed of your cursor during games. Another useful option is "Toggle sights", which should stay in "On" to improve your performance;

Adjust the sensitivity of your mouse in Fortnite

Step 5. Start a game and check if your mouse and keyboard are working. If the setting is correct, you will see icons related to a keyboard, rather than the buttons on your console;

Start a match at Fortnite

Step 6. By default, keyboard and mouse will be set up as in the Fortnite PC version, where the Q key accesses the build menu, and collects weapons and interacts with objects, Tab opens the map, and Esc opens the pause menu. The character is moved with the WASD keys, the weapon is fired with the left mouse click and the aim with the right click. To change weapons, use keys 1 to 5;

Fortnite uses the default settings for the PC version

Step 7. In the main menu, you can also access the Fortnite global chat by pressing Enter and using the keyboard to type;

Press Enter to open the Fortnite global chat

Step 8. On the PlayStation 4, in addition to wired mice and keyboards or USB connectors, you can still use Bluetooth devices. Click here and download the complete tutorial.

On the PS4 it is possible to use bluetooth keyboards and mice

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