Fortnite: how to rummage through a Mysterious Hatch

Fortnite Battle Royale has received its new list of challenges on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Fortnite Mobile version for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Among the missions is "Search between a Mysterious Hatch, a Stone Giant and a Precarious Bodywork, " which asks players to play the clues to find a star hidden on the map. Still not found what you are looking for? Check out the guide that shows the exact location.

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Step 1. Once you enter the Fortnite Battle Royale match, place a marker in the upper right corner just below the Lamurioso Forest. Jump in the direction of the place to arrive as soon as possible;

Fortnite: How to complete the challenge of the Mysterious Hatch, Stone Giant and Precarious Bodywork

Step 2. You can also zoom the map to know exactly where you need to fall. If you have jumped from a very distant position, it is important to use your glider to get to the point with a good height, since it is a hill;

Go to the exact location marked on the Fortnite map to find the star

Step 3. If you have come down, use the region's large stone giant as a guide. His destiny lies just behind him, rounding the elevation;

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Guided by the stone giant, which is on the opposite side of the Fortnite site

Step 4. At the marked point, look for a black mark on the floor, which will identify the position where the star is hidden;

Climb the hill next to the Lamurioso Forest and look for the black mark on the ground

Step 5. Approach the location for the item to be revealed. Then hold the Fortnite interaction button (E key on PC, Square on PS4, X on Xbox One and hold on smartphones) to collect the star and fulfill the mission.

Approach to reveal the position of the Fortnite star. Then just collect it

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