Fortnite: how to save and watch game replays

Fortnite Battle Royale features a replays tool where players can watch matches played from various angles, including opponents, or save the videos to watch later. This function is especially useful for those who want to learn from their mistakes, or relive funny and interesting moments from a match. Check out the how to use guide.

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The option can be accessed in the versions for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Unfortunately Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android have not yet received the tool, which should arrive in future updates of the game on the platforms.

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Step 1. In the main menu of Fortnite Battle Royale, go to the "Career" tab and choose 'Replays';

Go to the Fortnite Replays menu

Step 2. In this screen will be the replays of recent matches that you played. Remember to save them whenever you want to watch later, or they will disappear over time. Click on the replay to run it;

Choose the replay of the Fortnite match you want to watch

Step 3. When the replay starts, you will have free control over the camera, which can move around the map to capture varied angles of action;

In the Fortnite replay you can move the camera freely

Step 4. In addition to the free camera, you can also use other options, such as the original game, drones that float next to your character and other options;

Use alternate camera modes to capture different angles of your Fortnite match

Step 5. Some of the cameras have their own options, such as additional player IDs, effects for when characters are dealt damage, and other useful settings;

Some of the cameras have own options in Fortnite

Pssso 6. Press the Fortnite map button to check the entire arena, next to the list of players in that match. Here you can identify the position of each of them on the map and switch directly to their camera;

See the full list of players on the map and their positions at Fortnite

Step 7. Another useful option is to hide the game interface, to make the screen cleaner for your screenshots or even edited videos of the game;

Hide the interface for creating videos or images on Fortnite

Step 8. When you finish viewing your replay, click on it in the save list, and give a name to the file. It will be available to run whenever you want.

Click to save your replay of Fortnite