Fortnite: See How to Find Battle Royale Supplies Llamas

Fortnite Battle Royale received a major update in 2018 that inserted the llamas on the map. They are stuffed animals, or "pinhatas", inspired by the original animal, that yield several items to the players. Since then, the seasonal updates have placed the llamas to appear in locations other than the regions of the game, always randomly. Learn how to find out more easily on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and PC:

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The locations are random

First of all, you need to be aware that the llamas appear randomly. There is no magic formula that tells you where they will come from. However, reports from players who have already found Lhamas in other matches give hints as to which regions are most likely to generate one to be collected.

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The llama of Fortnite

Below you give us possible indications of where llamas may arise, based on current regions according to the map situation in October 2018:

Bottom of the map

At the bottom of the map, further to the left, you can find the llamas more expressively. The more specific area is near the creek, but again, there are no guarantees.

The lower part of the map concentrates more appearances of llamas

Paradise of the Palms

Near the Paradise of the Palms there is another region where the players can find the llamas more easily.

Llamas are found near the ParaĆ­so das Palmeiras

Tricky Coils

In the vicinity of the Treacherous Coils and also near the Temple of Tomatoes, there are reports of Llamas appearing.

Other spots that appear Lhamas is in the vicinity of the Treacherous Coils and near the Temple of Tomatoes

Meadow of laziness

A little below the Lazy Meadow players also increase their chances of finding llamas.

Below the Lazy Meadow there is an appearing spot of Llamas

Junk Crossing

Finally, between Junk Crossing and Haunted Hills there are also reports of Llamas appearing more frequently.

Another point to find Lhamas is between the Junk Crossing and the Haunted Hills