Fortnite: see the location of all the Advanced Expedition Points

Fortnite Battle Royale, a free game of Epic Games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Fortnite Mobile version for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, has won the new Challenge for the Week mission in which players must visit the Advanced Expedition points scattered around the map. These are red huts with various chests and X-4 Storm airplanes. Check out the exact location of the locations to end the challenge.

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The first Expedition Point is at the top left of the map, between the Haunted Hills and the Lazy Meadow. Just climb on a small mountain to identify the building.

Fortnite: check the location of all Advanced Expedition Points

Follow to the point that separates the green and snowy part of the map, next to the Snobs, to find another Forward Exit Point, which is on the side with grass. It is positioned between two small peaks.

Separation between the forest and snowy part of the map has an Expedition Point in Fortnite

In the central part of the top of the map, go to the Lazy Meadow and head down to the Temple of Tomatoes to find one of the Advanced Expedition Points, positioned at a slight elevation.

One of the Forward Expedition Points is below the Fortnite Lazy Meadow

Head to the map desert, near the Palm Paradise region. The Advanced Point of Expedition is right in the division with the grassy terrain at the bottom right of the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Go to the Palm Paradise Expedition Point at Fortnite

On the right side of the map, in the Lonely Hut area, go around the trees and climb up the raised terrain to find one of the Advanced Expedition Points. It is to the left of the cabin.

One of the Forward Points is in the Lonely Hut region

In the center of the map, go to the Dusty Crater, and climb a small peak on your left to access one of the Advanced Expedition Points, which is on one of the upper floors of the site.

Find an expedition points alongside the Dusty Crater

The last Expedition Point is in the snowy area of ​​the map in the lower left corner. From Minas Matreiras, descend straight until you find some rocks covered by ice, which hide the red construction.

One of the Advanced Expedition Points is in the snowy Fortnite area

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