Fortnite's fifth season tips

Fortnite opened its fifth season, called "Worlds Collide", now available as a free upgrade on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Nintendo Switch. The season brings a lot of news and changes, mainly on the map, that allow you to enjoy the matches in a different way. Like any update, it also brings some items and additions to the gameplay. Here are some tips to get the most out of this new lease of Battle Royale game content:

Fortnite: Learn all the new features of the fifth season

How to play

It is worth mentioning that this tutorial should focus on news of the fifth season, not on basic commands of Fortnite or how to play the base game. Despite all the changes, the new season does not modify what fans already knew about the controls of the games and rules.

Fotnite is played the same way as before, even with the update

If you want to learn how to play Fortnite: Battle Royale, check out this complete tutorial with the top tips and information on the basics of the game.

Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

Map changes

Like every new season, several changes have been made on the map. Some of them are so small that it is difficult to find them all "face to face". Many will be discovered in the coming months, as players advance through the scenery and matches.

The Fotnite map has gained more secrets that need to be explored

However, what really changed were the two regions: Paraíso das Palmeiras, the old Lamaçal, which is now a desert area with many elevations and also with new vehicles; besides the Dusty Crater, which now has several trees and vegetation, allowing new hiding places. Know these changes and make good use of the new territory.

Paradise of the Palms

Paraíso das Palmeiras is an area with desert and high elevations for those who like to use long distance rifles. The problem is that these elevations do not have protections, so be careful when watching without coverage.

Paraíso das Palmeiras is a desert with a lot of relief


The cracks are scattered all over the map. As soon as the player enters one of them, he is thrown into the heavens. Try to use the slits primarily to escape certain death when you are being pursued. If you are standing with a precision rifle at a scene location, stay close to a rift to escape with ease.

Fortnite slots allow for new ways to get around the map

New chests

Forget the chests you knew last season. Virtually everyone has moved. The main tip is to keep playing as you advance level and explore the new locations of each chest. It is worth remembering that chests are always stuffed with good items, and in some cases contain legendary weapons - of purple rarity.

Fortnite chests are in new locations

Dusty Crater

As previously mentioned, the Dusty Crater is full of trees and new vegetation. Trees can be destroyed, but they provide a good hiding place for those inside the environment - making it hard to see who is outside. However, for being a difficult place to escape, do not spend much time inside.

The Dusty Crater is a great place to hide

Blue mushrooms

The blue mushrooms, present mainly in the Dusty Crater, allow to increase its shield in five points. If there is no shield, try to consume the mushrooms while you have no enemies nearby. It's a good way to gain protection for free and with ease.

Blue mushrooms retrieve their shell


The Karts are all over the new Fortnite map and are good escape routes. However, they are incredibly difficult to control, and not so fast. It is possible to run over players with Kart, but the player who controls the vehicle is also extremely vulnerable. Karts are good when Fortnite is played in teams.

Karts are the new vehicle of the fifth season of Fortnite

Viking City

There is a Viking City on the new Fortnite map! It has ships stranded and many houses. It is one of the best places to explore and not waste much time, since it is a very small city.

The Viking Town is small but has items worth exploring.

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