Fotolog is back; see how to use Instagram's 'Grandma's Photo Network'

Fotolog, a social network of photos released in 2002, "is back" with an Android mobile version and a repaginated web layout. Despite the news, the plafatorma continues to allow only one photo a day to be published and, on its official website, the main rival, Instagram, "pinch". "We want to stop the excess of publications that press the search for validation of others and, instead, we want to help in the appreciation of each moment that represents the best (or worst) of your day, "explains new Fotolog team.

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Older users can use their early 2000s logins in the application and online version to post photos and view their image files. Here's how to use the new Fotolog on your phone and computer.

Fotolog, photo social network of the 2000s, won repaginated version on the web and app for mobile

Step 1. Download the Fotolog app downlod;

Step 2. After downloading and opening the app, click on "Understood" to agree to privacy policy. Then click "Sign in with Facebook" to create an account with your social network data;

First access to Fotolog

Step 3. Enter your Facebook login details and click "Sign In". On the next page, click "Login" again;

Enter your Facebook login data

Step 4. Click the "Upload" option in the bar at the bottom of the screen to include a photo. Next, tap "Select File";

Upload photo on Fotolog

Step 5. Choose the photo you want to post in your image gallery. Then include the photo description and conclude by clicking "Edit."

Choose a photo to post to Fotolog

Bottom menu

Step 1. In "Diary, " you can view the feed with your friends' posts. When you click on the heart, the photo is tanned. Already on the balloon icon, there is the option to make comments. By clicking on the Facebook icon, the user can share the posting on other social networks;

When you click on diary, you can view the posts of other users

Step 2. Next, enter the desired caption and click "Publish". To share on Twitter, just click on the network icon;

Enter the caption you want and click Publish

Step 3. Write the caption of the photo, include your login details and click "Enter and Tweet". Click the three-dot icon to access the

Fill in your Twitter data to share the Fotolog post

Step 4. Among the options is copy the link to share with friends, share with social networks, edit the caption and delete caption.

Photo Options

Step 5. Click "Explore" to view the last photos posted;

Click on Fotolog's Explore

Step 6. Enter the name of the friend you want to find and click on it in the drop-down menu to access the profile. Click "Follow" to track your posts;

You can search for friends on Fotolog

Step 7. By clicking on "Activity", the user checks all the notifications of the app and, in "I", can see your profile. By dragging down the screen, you can view the other photos posted;

Fotolog's bottom menu options

Step 8. If you have not done the post on any of the past days, the user can make a postback.

It's possible to post on days already in Fotolog

In the web version

Step 1. When accessing the Fotolog site, click on "Access", if you already have an account, or "Register", to create a new one;

Click on login or register on the fotolog site

Step 2. To register, you can use Facebook credentials, as shown in the Android app, or inform the email, confirm it and enter a password. Click on the "I am not a robot" box and then on "Register";

Sign in to Fotolog

Step 3. You can now post your photo. To do this, go to the "Upload" option in the "inferir" menu, and, in the page that opens, click "Select file";

Step 4. Double click on the photo you want to post or click once and then on the "Open" button;

Select the file you want to post to Fotolog

Step 5. Enter the caption of the photo and click "Publish Photo" to complete;

Enter the caption in the Fotolog

Step 6. in the "Diary" option, available in the lower menu, the user can view the posts of his friends;

Step 7. In "Explore", the user can see the last photos posted by other people. When you type the name of a friend you are looking for and hit the Enter key, you can find specific friends;

View Fotolog's friends on Fotolog

Step 8. In the item "Activity", the user visualizes all notifications of the service;

Fotolog's Notifications

Step 9. Already in "I", the user can view his own profile, as well as access the service settings, by clicking on the gear icon, located on the upper right side;

Step 10. Below, the Fotolog account settings.

Fotolog setup options

Ready. Enjoy the tips to "go back in time" and recover your account in Fotolog.

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