FotoRus: free application allows to add masks in selfies

FotoRus is an image editing application that allows you to add different masking patterns to selfies. With free download for iPhone (iOS) and Android-powered phones, this app features a number of curious masks of people, emoji, costumes and funny features that can ensure good fun times with friends on the web.

After you download and use a mask, you can take the edit to the mobile library or share the result with friends using social networks. The tip we've made is ideal for people who want options other than those found in apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Next, see the step-by-step how to use FotoRus to add masks to your selfies.

Tutorial shows how to use the free photoRus app to add masks in selfies

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Step 1. Open FotoRus on your phone and touch the camera icon in the center of the screen. Then touch the emoji icon in the lower left corner of the selfie screen.

Path to access the mask options of the FotoRus application

Step 2. Use the mask selector to choose one of the dozens offered by this application. Touch the mask you want to use to have it downloaded. When the down arrow disappears from the icon, touch it again to enable the filter.

Action to download a mask to use in selfies with the FotoRus app

Step 3. When the mask appears on your face, touch the region of the screen outside the selection of masks. Then use the circle-shaped button to do a selfie.

Action to make a selfie with mask in the FotoRus app

Step 4. Touch the down arrow icon to have the image saved in your phone's media library. Then close the download confirmation window by tapping the "X" icon, as shown in the image below.

Action to save a photo with mask in the FotoRus app

Use the tip to have fun with your selfies and share with friends from social networks.

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