France vs Argentina live: how to watch the match of the World Cup online

The France vs Argentina game takes place on Saturday (30) at 11am (Brasília time), and is the only one among world champions in the last 16 of the World Cup. The match will be broadcast live over the Internet on Globoplay, a free online service available on the computer and on the mobile phone with HD-quality images.

In addition to the games broadcast in real time, Globoplay offers videos with extra content in the Cup Central, with best moments, tables, group classification, results and statistics. See the tutorial on how to create a free service account to access everything by the PC or iPhone app (iOS) and Android.

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How to watch football games on the Globo Play cell phone

On the computer

Step 1. Access the Globoplay in the desktop browser and enter the main menu of the site in the upper left corner of the screen;

Go to the Globoplay menu

Step 2. In the side menu, select "Sports";

Access the sports section of Globoplay

Step 3. Choose the category "Russia 2018";

Open the video menu of the World Cup in Globoplay

Step 4. In the "Live" section, review the games currently available. Click a broadcast to advance;

Choose one of the live videos on Globoplay

Step 5. Register on or use Facebook or Google accounts to sign in quickly;

Create a Globoplay account with Facebook or Google

Step 6. By hovering over the broadcast window, Globoplay displays the "Switch Camera" button if there are any other games at the moment;

Switch to another broadcast on Globoplay

Step 7. Use the menu to switch channels online and start watching another match.

Watch another live video on Globoplay

On the cellphone

Step 1. Download Globoplay for free on Android or iPhone (iOS). Then go to the side menu and tap "Enter";

Access the Globoplay entry menu on your mobile phone

Step 2. Create a registration on or use your Facebook or Google accounts to access the service in a more agile way;

Sign in with Facebook or Google on Globoplay

Step 3. After logging in, open the side menu again and tap "Sports" this time. In the next screen, select the item "Russia 2018";

Step 4. The games available live will be highlighted at the top of the page. Touch to access the stream. Chaos There is more than one match at a time, touch the thumbnail to swap.

Watch Cup games on Globoplay

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