Free app to remove photo objects: know how to use Photoshop Fix

Removing objects from photos is simple with the Photoshop Fix application, a free mobile image editor from Adobe. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, the app lets you remove objects and touch up annoying spots. The feature is useful for those interested in publishing a more harmonic image without interference. In addition, the platform offers the most popular Photoshop tools for desktop, that is, users have features such as cut, brightness, contrast and color adjustment available.

To use the app, simply sign in with Adobe ID or sign up from Facebook or Google account. Check out this tutorial prepared by TechTudo how to use the Photoshop Fix retouching features to make your photos perfect for sharing on social networks like Instagram and WhatsApp. In the example below, the photo will be subject to the stain adjustment and then the removal of an object. The idea is to show the naturalness of the resources when applied.

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Here's how to use Photoshop fix retouching features and take photo objects from your mobile phone.

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Step 1. Install Photoshop Fix from the Photoshop page. When you open, sign in to the app from Adobe ID, Facebook or Google account;

Sign in to Photoshop Fix with Adobe ID

Step 2. Touch the "Allow" button to release Photoshop Fix access to your photos. Then complete granting the app access to the store, according to the operating system (Android or iOS);

Allow access to the cell phone arming by Photoshop Fix

Step 3. Touch the button with a "+" and then select the source of the photo. In this tutorial, we chose a saved photo on the mobile phone, so we went into the first option. You can also capture a snapshot image, upload Creative Cloud photo, Creative Cloud library, or Lightroom;

Choose the source of the photo that will be retouched in Photoshop Fix

Step 4. After loading the image, select the "Retouch" menu. Touch "Spotting" to remove pimples, scars or any other spots on the photo. Then tap the brush on the left to make adjustments to the tool;

Step 5. Select "Size" and slide your finger down or up, aiming to decrease or increase the brush diameter, respectively;

Adjust the brush size of the Photoshop Fix Stain Removal Tool

Step 6. Then touch "Consistency" and make the same move, drag your finger down if you want a more transparent or upward brush, if you want it to be more solid (the last tool, a reddish shadow at the points where the photo was edited). Adjusting the brush, just touch a patchy area for the app to remove it automatically;

Set brush consistency and stain removal with Photoshop Fix app

Step 7. Use two fingers to zoom in on the photo and make it easier to remove small spots. Do this throughout the image until it is perfect. If the stain removal tool is not working properly for a certain failure, touch "Clone";

Step 8. The "Clone" tool copies one portion of a photo and applies it to another. To use it in Photoshop Fix, first tap the area you want to copy, which will be indicated by a circle. Then, keeping the circle in the same place, slide your finger over the area that will receive the print;

Clone part of the photo in another area of ​​the image using the Photoshop Fix application

Step 9. The cloning tool can also remove an object from the photo. Just copy the background of the image and go over the object you want to remove. In this example, we copied the three wall textures - the top, the bottom and the line separating the different tiles - to remove the wall outlet. The more solid the background of the photograph, the better the result;

Remove the object from the photo with the Photoshop Fix clone tool

Step 10. When the photo is the way you want it, touch the check icon next to "Retouch". Press the share button and choose where to save the final, spotless image - in the mobile gallery, in Photoshop, in the Creative Cloud library, in Behance, in Lightroom, or externally.

Share the treated photo in Adobe Photoshop Fix

Ready. Take advantage of the tips to touch up spots and remove objects with the Photoshop Fix application.

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