Free Fire Battlegrounds: tricks and tips to get the game right

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale style mobile survival game, available for free download on Android and iOS. In online matches, the goal is to be the last survivor in arenas with 50 players. Check out tips to make beautiful in Free Fire Battlegrounds.

How to download and play Free Fire Battlegrounds on PC

Fall in the right place

When deciding where to drop early in the game, it's a good idea to choose places farther away from the center line where the plane is passing. This will give you more time to find weapons and equipment without engaging in combat. To do this, simply move the virtual analog to the side you want to glide and wait until your character steps away before opening your parachute.

Free Fire Battlegrounds: Check out tips to get the game right

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Adjust buttons and settings

In Free Fire Battlegrounds, you can completely configure the placement and size of the virtual buttons. Be sure to access the edit screen to adjust the commands in the way that pleases you most. It will make a lot of difference when it comes to time.

Adjust Free Fire Battlegrounds buttons

Keep an eye on your inventory

The inventory is the most precious possession of a player in Free Fire Battlegrounds. Keep an eye on your backpack to check out the weapons, ammunition, and other equipment you own. So it will be more intuitive to know if you should collect items found on the map.

Keep an eye on your inventory at Free Fire Battlegrounds

Stay on the edge of the maps

As the map closes in Free Fire Battlegrounds, players become more and more exposed. To ensure extra protection, always try to stay on the edge of the map. This will make it easier to avoid attacks from behind, as players rarely stay out of the game zone for long.

Stay within the confines of Free Fire Battlegrounds

Watch out for enemy indicators

The Free Fire Battlegrounds map gives you valuable tips on positioning noisy enemies, which can give you a lot of edge in the game. Whenever you see red indicators at the top of the map, know that you are close to an opponent, and try to shoot at him.

Keep an eye on the map indicators of Free Fire Battlegrounds

Trust the sightseeing assistance

One of the coolest features of Free Fire Battlegrounds is a competent aiming wizard, which makes the game easier and fun. Do not be afraid to try to reach opponents at long distances, as this assistance greatly helps in the accuracy of your shots, even with awkward touch controls.

Trust Free Fire Battlegrounds

Find advantage points

Free Fire Battlegrounds has a map filled with places to explore and hide, and some of them are ideal for those seeking a privileged view of the battlefield. Avoid running unprotected across the field, and opt for high places where you can hide from opponents.

Find advantage points in Free Fire Battlegrounds

Do not miss air drops

Air drops are boxes stuffed with valuable items delivered at random points on the map during matches. Keep an eye on yellow light beams to know the exact location of the drops. This is also a good option to create traps and end enemies inattentive.

Do not miss air drops on Free Fire Battlegrounds

Use shrubs and trees as camouflage

Shrubs, trees and other map objects are an important part of the Free Fire Battlegrounds strategy, as they can be used as camouflage. When you are in the most open and dangerous areas of the map, stay close to these elements to go unnoticed by enemies and protect yourself from shots.

Use shrubs like camouflage in Free Fire Battlegrounds

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