Free Fire: How to get money faster in the game

Free Fire is a Garena mobile game, available free on iOS, Android and with an official emulated version on the PC. The game follows the genre of Battle Royale, where several players vie for survival on a same map, similar to PUBG and Fortnite.

Free Fire allows you to make dummy money inside the game, which in turn lets you unlock new equipment. The money, called Gold, and the premium currency, called the Diamond, can only be obtained within the adventure, without external aid or cheating. Here are some tips to get things done faster:

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Free Fire: How to get money faster in the game

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Level up

Each new level in Free Fire yields a quantity of gold coins. The value varies greatly, according to the level obtained. To climb, simply play the games of the game and have a good performance - that is, eliminate many people and survive to the maximum, before being eliminated, but preferably stay alive until the end. So the coins will come faster and more naturally.

Free Fire: Level up to get money faster

Playing matches

The tip that is perhaps the most obvious of all: each match will also yield a certain amount of gold coins, so do not stop playing if you want to win a lot. As with level ups, gold in sessions varies according to performance. If you killed more, you'll earn more. If you survived longer, you will also receive considerable value. Keep this in mind.

Free Fire: play enough matches to earn money

To make your life easier, during matches, always look for equipment that protects your character, such as helmets or vests. They can make your departure last longer and hence the gold of the reward will be greater.

Free Fire: Look for helmets and equipment to protect your character

Daily Login

As in almost every mobile game, Free Fire rewards the player who returns daily. Each daily login gives a different award and is not always in gold. So keep an eye on the list and do not forget to log in - in this case, you do not even have to play the game, just open the game and go to the reward field.

Free Fire: log in daily to receive rewards


With the Diamonds, there is no secret. It is the rarest coin of Free Fire and it is not possible to obtain for free, only paying with real money, via online store of the game. So just buy if you want some special equipment, sold only with Diamonds. Values ​​range from $ 1 to $ 50 (between $ 4 and $ 187).

Free Fire: Diamonds only available for real money

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