Free Fire: Understand Fire Pass and Learn How to Buy

Free Fire Battlegrounds is Garena's free Battle Royale for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. As in other games of the genre, such as Fortnite and PUBG, the game won its own rewards system, called the Fire Pass. The system allows players to unlock exclusive items after purchasing access. Learn how the Fire Pass works and see how the pass evolves.

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Fire Pass works just like the Fortnite Battle Pass, which consists of a signature that lasts for the season and guarantees access to special missions and items. Besides the paid version (Elite Pass), there is also a free option, with fewer prizes and simpler content.

How to evolve the Fire Pass

Access the Free Fire Fire Pass screen

In the Free Fire main menu, click Fire Pass in the lower left corner of the screen to check the screen dedicated to the pass;

Free Fire: Understand Fire Pass and Learn How to Buy

It is possible to sign the Elite Pass for the current season for 600 diamonds, or pay 1200 coins for a special package that includes the same vantages and three additional exclusive items, including a jacket, a board and a motorcycle.

You can buy only the pass or a special package in Free Fire

As in Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG, the rewards of the Fire Pass are unlocked as you reach levels within the pass. Play the game to accumulate experience and pass badges and increase your progress.

With Elite Pass you unlock progression with unique items in Free Fire

All Elite Pass owners have access to a unique list of challenges, which are constantly updated and ensure the badges to move up the level more quickly. Keep an eye on the new missions and complete them quickly to unlock the items in the game.

Players of the free version can also play the missions released to all to obtain the badges and receive the prizes of the Free Pass.

Perform special missions to level up and earn items in Free Fire

The prizes awarded in the Elite Pass are progressive, and become increasingly valuable, to keep players interested and motivated. Among the items available are coin packs, special tickets, clothing items for the characters and even full skins, with well-colored and elaborate visuals.

Rewards become better with your advancement in Free Fire

How to buy the Elite Pass

To purchase your Fire Pass you need to use diamonds, Free Fire pays currency. Go to the game store and choose a quantity sufficient to buy the package of your choice. Do not forget to check if you already have some diamonds in your account (in the upper left corner of the main menu).

To purchase the Fire Pass you need to recharge your Free Fire account

Once you get the diamonds, just go back to the Fire Pass screen and click on the package of your choice. The Elite Pass will be immediately unlocked and ready for use in your Free Fire account.

Note that the pass only lasts for one season, so you will need to play a lot to get the most out of the items before closing. Keep an eye on the screen with the list of prizes to see how much time remains until the end of the season.

Select which option of the pass you want to buy and confirm the transaction in Free Fire

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