Friend's Day: how to create a message in the Canva

To celebrate Friend's Day, which is celebrated this Friday (20), a good idea is to send a stylized message through WhatsApp or social networks. Canva, free and online image editor, lets you create computer art with images and phrases. So it's a handy tool for producing a card and sending a "Happy Friend's Day" to special people. The app has a gallery with several ready-made templates that can be edited and used as inspiration.

Check out, in the next step, how to use Canva to make a card in honor of friendship. Note that the editor works directly from the browser and can be used on both Windows and MacOS PCs. It is not necessary to download or install anything on the PC.

How to create a logo or custom name in Canva

Learn how to use Canva to create a card for friend's day

Step 1. Access the Canva website and select the "Personal use" option. Then log in to your account or create a free account. You can use Facebook data to quickly sign in;

Sign in to your account or sign up for free

Step 2. Now, under "Create a design", go to the "Card" section;

Open the carton design templates

Step 3. In the left side column, choose the template you want to use and click on it;

Choose a model of your choice

Step 4. The selected template will open in the editor. Click on a text to change the content. The formatting options are located in the panel just above;

Editing template text

Step 5. You can change the color of the pictures, background, borders and other elements. To do this, simply click on the desired item and choose the color in the upper left corner;

Changing element color

Step 6. If you want, you can move the objects by dragging with the mouse. The buttons that appear in the corners of the rectangle serve to increase or decrease the size and to rotate;

Changing Size and Rotating Objects

Step 7. If the template you selected has a photo, you can submit an image by clicking "Upload" in the left sidebar of the editor. Then drag your photo onto the base of the template to change it;

Sending custom photo

Step 8. Clicking on the photo, you can apply a filter, cut, rotate the image or change the spacing. These options appear in the column above the card;

Applying filter on photo

Step 9. After making the desired edits, select "Download" in the upper right corner of the screen. Finally, choose the desired format and click "Download" again to download your card.

Downloading Edited Card

Ready! Enjoy the tips to create a card to honor your friends.

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