Galaxy J8: how to update Android on Samsung mobile

The Galaxy J8, from Samsung, comes with the Android 8 Oreo operating system which should be updated soon for the new version of Google software: the Android 9 Foot. Until the news arrives, the company continues to provide minor updates, with fixes for security breaches and occasional improvements. Updates are free and can be installed through the phone itself, without the need to connect the phone to the computer.

The feature is useful as it allows the user to keep their phone protected and accessible to all new tools made available by the Android system. In the following tutorial, learn how to check for available software updates for your Galaxy J8, and if so, see how to install.

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Step 1. Access the Android settings. To do this, simply open the application menu and touch "Settings", represented by the gear icon. Now, slide the settings screen to the end and tap "Software Update";

Open the software update settings on the Galaxy J8

Step 2. Then go to "Download updates manually" and wait for the system to check for available updates. If so, the download will start automatically;

Check for updates manually on the Galaxy J8

Step 3. When the system finishes downloading the files, you will receive an alert to inform that the update is ready and you can apply it immediately by touching "Install now". After restarting, a message will state that the software has been updated. Finally, click "OK" to finish.

Install update for Galaxy J8

Ready. Enjoy the tips to keep your phone's Android always up-to-date with the latest security fixes.

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