Galaxy S8 has internet accelerator for apps and games; see how to use

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have a feature that accelerates the speed of the internet when downloading games and applications. The Download Accelerator feature combines 3G or 4G connections with Wi-Fi to increase the data rate and decrease the time to transfer programs. The enhancer is worth downloading from Google Play or the Galaxy Apps store, and can be especially useful for getting heavy games faster. Here's how to use it on your smartphone.

Galaxy S8 has internet accelerator

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Step 1. Access the Galaxy S8 settings and tap the "Connections" option. Then scroll the screen and select the "More Connection Settings" menu in the footer.

Access more connection options

Step 2. Tap the key next to "Download Accelerator" to activate the function. If your Wi-Fi or data connections are disabled, a pop-up on the screen will warn you about enabling automatic features. When you turn on the accelerator, you can not use the Wi-Fi router function.

Turn on the Galaxy S8 download accelerator

Step 3. With your accelerator switch on, visit Galaxy Apps or Google Play stores to download apps and games. A new icon in the toolbar will indicate that the Galaxy S8 will combine Wi-Fi and 4G to download.

Download apps faster with accelerator enabled

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